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Twisted Insurrection 0.6 Trailer


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Twisted Insurrection 0.6 Trailer



(Click image to watch the trailer on YouTube)


Release Date: November


Twisted Insurrection is a standalone game based on a heavily modified Tiberian Sun engine. The game features a completely new in-depth storyline which puts you in an alternate timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod were victorious during the first Tiberian War rather than GDI.


Along with the complete overhaul and replacing of the original game's graphics, gameplay and having it's own all new original soundtrack, Twisted Insurrection brings you an entirely new arsenal of units, infantry, aircraft and naval forces to command as either the Brotherhood of Nod or GDI in massive singleplayer or online multiplayer battles. The Twisted Insurrection client allows you to play your own way featuring hundreds of possible option combinations, preset locations and alliances and customisable themes.


The game also features multiple full length campaigns for Nod, GDI, & the new GloboTech faction. Play over 50 brand new campaign missions and try your hand at challenge modes, our own reimagining of the Tiberian Dawn (Twisted Dawn as we like to call it) campaigns and more.


The fate of the Earth lies dangerously unknown. Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? The choice is yours commander.




To keep up with development and for much more information about Twisted Insurrection, be sure to follow us around the web!


● Twisted Insurrection Website: http://twistedinsurrection.net

● Twisted Insurrection Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TwistedInsurrection

● Twisted Insurrection ModDB: http://moddb.com/mods/twisted-insurrection

● Twisted Insurrection Twitter: http://twitter.com/TwistedIns

● Twisted Insurrection YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TwistedInsurrectionOfficial

● Twisted Insurrection Forum: http://ppmsite.com/forum/index.php?f=466

● Twisted Insurrection Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TwistedInsurrection

● Twisted Insurrection Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TwistedInsurrectionOfficial/videos

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