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Dune II Remakes News


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Two Dune II remake projects have been updated recently. First, Drackbolt has released version 1.78 of Dune 2: The Golden Path.

Changelog since 1.77:

  • MAP LOADING - Whenever you start a new game and a map is generated, it will dump a .TGP file to your drive (same folder as the EXE).  If you like the map you just played with, keep this file and feel free to rename it (but keep the same extension).  You now have an option to load a map inside the chatroom.  This is only map data and game settings, not units or player info.  Future functionality is planned to include a tool for creating your own maps/scenarios.  This feature has been nominally tested
  • NEW SOUND FX - Courtesy of TheRaffy we have a new set of cleaned sound fx.  The overall size of the packed file has gone up slightly to 2.5mb, but it is well worth it.  Some new sounds have also been added to the game
  • BUGFIX - Fixed bug with units "stacking" when being produced into enclosed areas
  • BUGFIX - Fixed bug with health bar drawing oddly upon unit death
  • BUGFIX - Fixed bug with persistent menus for Trading Posts


Secondly, Dune Legacy version 0.96 is out. Singleplayer is now much more similar to the original Dune II.

Changes in version 0.96:

  • Cutscenes are now integrated
  • Score at the end of each mission
  • Decoding music on the fly
  • Capturing buildings is now possible again
  • Fixes for gcc 4 (Thanks to David Geier)
  • Structures are degrading
  • Fix: Carryalls bring badly damaged units to the repair yard
  • Packaging deb-files (Ubuntu/Debian)
  • spec-files for packaging rpms (Fedora, Mandriva, SuSE)
  • NSIS Installer Script (Windows)
  • Prepared dmg (Mac OS X)
  • Check for missing PAK-files
  • Begin of chating system

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