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Host 'over-ride' options suggestion @FunkyFr3sh


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suggestion: ability for host to manually set start positions and teams.  users would still have to accept before game starting.


reason: quite often when trying to set fair teams in 4v4 games, it is a rough task to manage this with there usually being 1-2 players just plain 'AFK' and seemingly 'oblivious' to their surroundings.  things like 'team captains' would be much easier to coordinate if the host could do the 'legwork' for these 'oblivious afkers'


as long as everyone still has to accept, they could either leave the game and boycott that host, or specifically join that host because of their ability to do this fairly without bias.


this would also help with language barriers and save people like myself from constantly using 'google translate'.


maybe this could be an option the host could turn on / off, so people either A. get to choose or B. have host choose for them, with very clear distinctions between the two modes, shown by maybe a greyed out selection bar while in 'host control mode'.

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