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Red Alert - Interior Terminals v1.0 Lite (2-8)


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If u like to play this map via the Internet lobby of Red Alert be sure to apply the patchfix. Get the patchfix here:


>> patch the "ra95.dat"



Up to 8 players



This is a crate map. Set the money off, set the crates on before u start the game. Sell your CY at the beginning of the game and search for crates with your troops. hf :D

>> Go to the Terminals with ur troops in your base to destroy the turrets to clear ur way, later go the the terminals in the middle of the map.

1 terminal is yours and u will get a goodie :mrgreen:


Map made by N3tRunn3r



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I Always liked that kind of theatre. There was just something about it that I Liked. Any chance you could do a much larger one? One with simmilar detailing to the Allied mission where you have to stop the missles from blowing up? :P

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sure i can, but i dont have the time.... maybe later


to create INTERIOR maps, they need lots of lots of editing time, cuz u can only create and edit interior maps with the C&C-RAED tool... lil bit more informations here:




i gonna try to write a tutorial "how-to-create-maps-with-C&C-RAED-and-EDWIN-1st", later..

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