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  1. what do you use to make them?
  2. phpbb3 gold is the latest and this is default since for ever on phpbb
  3. your not allowed to host it its piracy it was only free for a month orso and may not be shared by other than EA.
  4. I like it, its like the mission with the commando in Red Alert Counterstrike or Aftermatch it was
  5. looks like a nice map I donno how to create one with out the auto map maker in the game it self so well done!
  6. heya, I'm jamie. I am a Dutchie admin of cncvisuals (http://www.cncvisuals.com) just opend that ive also owned cncstorage and cncgamingsource. and those projects were comebind and after crashing 3 times and loosing over 2000 members I gave up. And now a new year has started and I've started cnc visuals. ~ Hope to see more of you people
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