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Internal Error when loading game



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I brought the collection today, installed RA2 & YR and installed CnCnet client.


When i try to enter a skirmish or online game I get an error message (attached)


Any solutions? - been searching the web to no avail.



Hello Elite,


Could you please upload a file called except.txt from your game directory and attach it back here. Thanks

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Having the same problem too, both Skirmish and Multiplayer.

Here's the except.txt



I have to mention that I played the multiplayer already, I installed a mod, played through it, deleted it (using programs from control panel) and made sure there are were no files left.

Installing RA2, YR, the client and now I recieve this error everytime I try to play, all from the same copy of the game and I have no idea what triggers this error.


Also I can play the Skirmish from RA2MD.exe but the menu is hardly responding there, I usually played skirmish through the client.

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Thanks guys we're looking into it, please bare with us


I just installed on windows 10 Grant, got the same issue. Is it possible my os is causing problems?


I don't think it's your OS, because I got Windows 7 SP1 64bit I still get this error since this patch 1-2 days ago.

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