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Status update: Internal errors on Yuri's Revenge


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Status Update: CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Online

Status: Potential Fix in 3.0.35


We are aware of a problem with some players encountering an internal error whilst playing on the latest 3.0 client


The team is working hard to rectify. You can follow the status of the update in this topic.

We will notify you again when there is a new update that will fix this.


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Just tried a skirmish map, working great.

I haven't played an online match yet, but I did notice sometimes it just randomly closes when I'm in the lobby.

Attached is my client file, it didn't make an except error file.


Thanks for the quick fix!

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Still getting tons of crashing with 'reconnect' after about 10 minuets. We had one good, stable game to the end, but the rest keep crashing this way.

Upload your except_log the next time it crashes, along with all the details of the game you played. Map etc.


You can find those logs in cncnet directory in a folder called Client/CrashLogs


Also, add the client version you are using to the post too.

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