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Platoon (Duke Nukem 3D TC) Weapon Fix (needs EDuke32)


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Recently I have taken interest in the Total Conversion for Duke Nukem 3D called Platoon, which was developed by Team TNT, the guys who later released a commercial Vietnam War-themed FPS using the Build engine, NAM. The TC is very cool (check out this review for more details), but has a few drawbacks, mainly concerning the weapons that are available, because of the modding limitations imposed by the original game. Luckily, those limitations could be circumvented with the use of the Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D Engine, or EDuke32, which allows more freedom in Duke3D modifications.


The fix deals with the following issues:

  • M16 ammo clip now contains 20 rounds.
  • Grenades no longer use the pipebomb remote detonator.
  • Flamethrower no longer has a delay before firing, and the fireballs do not home in on enemies.
  • Sniper rifle is now a true hitscan weapon with increased accuracy, and the blue flash from the Freezethrower had been removed. It also has a decent reload time to prevent the player from occasionally firing several rounds, as it would sometimes happen in the original version.
  • Fixed the flame and smoke (environment effects) animations.


Follow the installation instructions in the supplied Readme file to get it working :)


Oh, and by the way, if you haven't played Platoon, do so. It's really worth it!


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