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[ATS] Feature update! Read all!


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Morning all (01:13 am) And happy new years eve lol:)


Here is the newest feature to the ATS SERVER:


Red alert one now supported by the ATS Server.




The screenshot you see, I's the tiberian sun game client in the red alert one lobby!

To do this you press back on tiberian sun, And back again till you see official chat server's!

Then click on Red-Alert_1

The red alert one client can connect to tiberian sun too!

Here is a screenshot!



Incase you are all wondering why i've added such a feature! Well here is the reason!


Has you can see on the tiberian sun official chat lobby list

IT shows games,live chat,admin chat and red alert!


Say if everybody is on a diffrent game, Say YURIS,RA2,TSUN,FS,WDT,SOLE,RA1 etc

Everybody can join the games room,

To play the server's lobby games!

For example! Westwood Trivia. The guessing game, Commander and conquer question air!

And so on!


Please vote on the poll if you think this is a good feature!



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