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Fortress of Arrogance (4pl - 3 vs 1)


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Hey guys, I've seen a few versus maps with unequal sides - Great Wall for example. They're often 3 versus 2, but I decided to make a 3 versus 1 map, with the lone player in possession of a formidable defensive position. I've made a fortress map before, but I really wanted to make one which was "balanced" (in so far as 3v1 can be balanced) while also not being symmetrical. Behold the fruits of my labour!


Fortress of Arrogance

The three players will have to work together to overwhelm the fourth quickly, because the lone player will be able to win by outlasting his opponents as you can see from the map pictures.

The fortress in the south possesses mixed tech, SAM sites, Airstrike capability, and a strong defensive position with two relatively safe and very large Tiberium fields which can easily be accessed. In addition, the middle of the map is defended by a line of defensive structures at 3 key choke points. These can be destroyed at will by the fortress player by killing the MHQ in his base, should he wish to go on the offensive himself. However, the lone player should be wary. He will be at risk of being overwhelmed, since the northern alliance has three times the APM he does, so he will have to be quick to react to threats coming from all sides should the river crossings be breached.

The players in the north have ample Tiberium to get started, and can also pool their units by crossing through the mountains to reach each other's areas, should they wish to make a combined push. However they choose to attack, they will have to do so quickly to secure the extra Tiberium fields guarded by the defenses. Once that is accomplished, they will be able to harass the fortress from three directions, as well as threaten its large Tiberium fields.

Fortress of Arrogance.jpg



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