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  1. Don't get too excited, DS This is a mission from 2011!
  2. Some games have an "Allied Victory" box you have to tick when making the game, otherwise when your opposing team is defeated, your alliance breaks and you have to kill the remaining players, computer controlled or otherwise. Not sure if Tib Sun has that, might be worth checking.
  3. Just the way it works. They wanted you to use normal submarines to support your missile submarines. Although force-fire lets you get around that a bit. Players also force fire with cruisers to destroy submarines instead of escorting the cruisers with destroyers/gunboats.
  4. Hmm. Hopefully the mission still works fine with Multi6 changed to Neutral. I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't. And yeah the broken bridges have to be replaced because those tiles don't actually exist in the N64 version, only fixed bridges do. EDIT: Okay, so I reduced Neutral house starting credits to 0, gave them "ColorScheme=Nod", and changed the 2 Biolabs and the Temple to be owned by them, and it seems to be fine. Only issue is some of the civilian buildings now have a weird red tint. That could be changed by giving the civilian buildings to GDI, though.
  5. Oh, that pointed out something which shouldn't be possible! Made some changes to the mission. Thanks for testing!
  6. It's sort of a chicken and the egg problem though, one of those things has to happen first. The editors can't be patched to add new tiles until the new tiles exist, but if people can't easily add the new tiles without an editor, what's the incentive to add new tiles? Hex editing is our friend here. It's a workable stopgap which will let us use the new tiles until some kind soul decides to edit the editors to be able to easily place them.
  7. Heya, time for a Nod mission. You start in a section of your formerly massive base, which has been split up by a GDI attack. You have to retake and hold each section in turn until you can rebuild your forces and take the fight to GDI. You get access to all of Nod's toys in this mission, even Chem-warriors, but you have to earn the good stuff by taking back what's yours! On an unrelated note, I'm particularly proud of the power plant in the bottom right of the second screenshot. That's Nod engineering for you, holding together no matter what! Divide and Conquer GDI has launched a devastating attack upon Temple Prime. The base is crippled and the bridges linking it together have been destroyed. Reinforcements we sent have been intercepted and destroyed, with the exception of a single Commando. You must find a way to regain control of the base sections while holding off GDI, then take the fight to them. Temple Prime has access to all our assets. Use them. Changelog: Changed some GDI unit behaviour to sticky to prevent them revealing a section of your base too soon. Rearranged base layout a little bit. DaC
  8. As long as it works Does Sticky not behave the same way in your map? If it doesn't, try Return.
  9. I use a U1 of 20 for teamtypes when there's a 3rd house present on the map which might be attacked, usually civilians. Teamtypes with a U1 of 15, or patrols with the same U1 number, will stop at their next waypoint when the 3rd house is attacked. Using a U1 of 20 will ensure those teamtypes continue to move towards the player's base to attack it, or continue on their patrol route. Matt showcased this in one of his videos which is where I picked it up from. I also used the U1 system to create a patrol which would incrementally move across the map, each subsequent patrol teamtype "stealing" from the previous one. I used U1 numbers of 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 for this. I made a shitty Paint picture to showcase it. Essentially it allowed me to make a deploying MCV move across the map after a delay, while also ensuring the MCV wouldn't deploy on the spot if it got attacked. Regarding the "Link" feature, I don't know what that does or how to use it. I first tried using Link in my most recent map to see if it would make infantry group up and stick together when attacking the player base ... but teamtypes always link up anyway so I was never sure what made the Link modifier special. I also use CCW Map, so Link and Force Move are "X key" and "Alt key" in that editor, which doesn't make their meaning any less opaque.
  10. That's kind of you to say. I'll consider it some time. There's a few which don't have any feedback yet though, so I'm waiting until judgement has been passed on them before I include them in any list for a compilation.
  11. Hey guys, got a GDI mission for you. Moebius was annoyed Nod kept picking on him so they're after Chan this time. This mission takes inspiration from a few other ones in the game, I'm sure you can spot them. You'll have to carefully make use of your tanks, as they cannot be replaced. Strike out against the Nod forces in the area and destroy all the SAM sites - however do not neglect defending your base and Chan's installation as well. Nod will be trying various ways to get at him, so you'll have to be wary. The Island of Doctor Chan Dr. Chan is conducting vital Ion Cannon research in this region. Nod has attacked his base several times without success, but we're sure they're planning something. They have set up SAM Sites around the base to prevent evacuation. Destroy them so that we can send a Chinook for Chan. Do not allow him to be killed, or his research installation to be destroyed. IODC
  12. SCB26EA - Hostile Takeover, has some GDI tanks parked on bridges and blocking cliff passes which will shoot if you come in range but don't move, check them out and see what they're using. I can't check right now, but it should be what you need.
  13. They could be hex-edited in, it wouldn't be too difficult. Nyer has done this before to showcase hex-editing - if memory serves he used a hex editor to place a Temperate debris tile into a Desert map.
  14. There seems to be a bug where Nod cannot build Chemical Warriors under any circumstances in Single Player missions. Included a test map to illustrate this, with BuildLevel = 98, and "RemoveBuildExceptions=True" Can build MRLS, Helipads and APCs, along with SSMs, Commandos and everything else ... except Chem. Warriors. scb39ea.BIN scb39ea.INI