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  1. Starting credits, would 5,000 to ~7,000 be reasonable? A 7,000 credit start would allow the traditional opening build orders, ( the opening 1 or 2 refs question, etc) but limit the effectiveness of an apache rush. And I'm sure nobody would mind apache rush being nerfed a bit.
  2. If only Chem was still around. I miss that guy. We need someone to be his spiritual successor and carry the torch.
  3. Oh, this thread passed its one year anniversary already!
  4. Damn that sucks. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the time and thought you put into this thread, with all the diagrams and such.
  5. if the editor works like the ones for C&C 1 there will be some options in the teamtypes section which should help force the units to stay on their patrol route regardless of being shot. I can't remember what it was in C&C 1, something like "Force Move" which you had to tick. Was useful there for, for example, making sure a reinforced APC didn't stop and attack the first thing that shoots it, but goes to its destination and unloads.
  6. I'm not sure about this but how does the visceroid AI work? I assumed they'd always attack the player who happens to be in the top left of the map. Having multiple visceroids each attacking a different player might be impossible.
  7. You're right, it's to compensate for the time delay before the vehicle is delivered by the cargo plane.
  8. Probably a silly question, but have you checked that the AI faction has money to build the conscripts with? If it only grabs pre-existing units to make the team and refuses to build any, maybe it has no money.
  9. A small desert 1v1 map. Both players start in the east to prevent the west disadvantage for Nod players. The main path into both bases is left/right rather than top/bottom to reduce bottom advantage. There are also several routes for players to try to get around each other. The shortest attack route is the narrowest, but offers the opportunity to sneak infantry - especially engineers or commandos in an APC - into the enemy base quickly. Although it can be defended fairly easily, it is also overlooked by a ridge just to the east, an ideal position to send artillery to shell the pass defences or the enemy base itself. The starting locations are very defensible, but the players will need to fight each other for map control, as more tiberium is outside the base confines than inside it. Players who take control of the west will be rewarded with more resources and the ability to control the main chokepoints leading into the base canyons. The river dividing the two players can be fired across or bypassed with helicopters. scm77ea.BIN scm77ea.INI
  10. Looks beautiful. Only thing I can think of which might be an issue is that it looks like the bottom-right player has a bit more build room than the middle-left and top players have. Also might be a little bit too much tiberium. The fields in the outer ring areas which aren't occupied by players are quite long, maybe cut them in half so that harvesters won't go wandering really far. The field in the middle-right seems a prime culprit for a harvester getting really far away.
  11. You just described exactly how I play, especially in Supreme Commander which is my most recent RTS, I always build beautiful bases! I build them like I build the bases I put in my single-player missions. I also build walls. *nods* All buildings neatly arranged with queued production lines and transport aircraft assisting factories and all the other stuff you just can't do in player versus player. Maybe you and I could play co-operative versus the AI? Then we can build mutually supporting attractive bases! Or something.
  12. I came up with a way to get reinforced gunboats which shoot, the trick is to bring them in transported inside another unit. In theory this should work with anything - APCs, Chinooks, Hovercraft, C-10 Transport, but I found the best way was by Chinook as you have the most control over where the new gunboat will patrol. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/5635-gdi-cry-me-a-river-single-player/ here's the map I built to showcase it, so you can check it out if you like. It's not hard to hide the place the Chinooks land the boats so the player will never see the trick used to make it work.
  13. Oh, I never play multiplayer. I'm terrible at that. I just sometimes make multiplayer maps, but mostly singleplayer ones.
  14. Welcome back! I'm glad you're doing okay and that the project is going well. Flattered to be in the credits! Glad you enjoyed the mission I made for you. Looking forwards to seeing the video you made for it too! <3
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