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GDI - Operation: Talon (Single Player)


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Hi guys, got a GDI mission for you here. You have to assault a heavily defended Nod sector housing a new Temple complex. Nod is really well dug-in in this mission, however there's a silver lining. GDI air power is holding off Nod reinforcements, but if you can destroy the comm centres relaying orders to those forces, the planes can instead aid you in assaulting Nod's strongholds directly. Destroying the comm. centres in the area will give you increasingly powerful air support for each one you can knock out.

Operation: Talon

The Brotherhood has set up a Temple complex in Africa, and we're moving in to

destroy it. Secure the nearby area for reinforcements. Nod is using four nearby

communication centres to coordinate their defense. Our airforce will keep enemy

forces in the region from interfering, but if you can destroy those comm. centres, we

can use those planes to support you instead. Wipe out all hostile forces in the area.

Temple Complex.jpg


OT v.1.zip

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