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Fixing Private Chat on YR-CnCNet and Request for Lobby Commands


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Please can we get lobby commands to find player locations and to private chat? It's a pain in the butt having to scroll through 200 nicks to find a particular somebody. Also the private chat popout box happens to be a bit broke. After double clicking someones nick from the main lobby list the chatbox will popup and at times require me to find the nick a second time. All very tedious. 

Here are a few requests:

A.) Can we start a private chat by double clicking someones nick inside a gameroom lobby rather than having to go to the main lobby and find the nick within the entire list of players. This would help teammates plan strategies ahead of time before gamestart. Definetely a good way to promote teamwork and syncing up of tactics. 

B.) (Without the use of a chat popout box.) Lobby commands for more efficient private chat between friends i.e. similar functionality as XWIS lobby commands /p to page someone, /r to respond to a private message 

C.) Lobby command to find someones location i.e. XWIS lobby command /on. 

D.) Fixing chat popout box. Perhaps a minor glitch. I'd say about 1/3 of the time I have to scroll through entire list again.

Also, I made a post about bringing back a feature allowing us to locate players location, not by lobby commands, but by hovering over their nickname with mouse pointer. This feature was lost around the time the new GUI came into play. A few other guys on here seemed to agree this would be a great idea. Can an admin please look into this for us? Here is said post: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6810-hovering-over-players-nick-in-lobby-for-gameroom-location/


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