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Working on a co-op campaign style map, looking for feedback!


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Hi all,

I am working on a co-op campaign style map. I remember playing something similar to this back in the legacy days of online multiplayer and really wanted to replicate something like that. A little background on the map; this is still a work in progress but I would like some feedback and thoughts on what you all think is good/bad or would like to see. 

The soviets have become aggressive and have begun to push forward into allied territory. The American's and British are allied together in this operation. You and an ally commander must push back the soviet forces, eliminate Romanov, and destroy the nuclear threat. You will begin on a small island with a sizable force. Once you have successfully destroyed the soviets on the island, across the bridge, and made your way to the mainland, your MCV and a small navel fleet will arrive. At this point your new objective is to find and destroy Romanov. There are two main soviet bases (I plan on adding a third behind Romanov's small fortress, it would be the biggest of the 3) in the area as well as many soviet units patrolling the area. There are 2 easily accessible ore fields once you've reached the mainland in addition to some oil derricks in the area. More tech buildings lie around the city and near the cliffs. There are also many soviet buildings outside of the main soviet bases. These can be useful in many different ways, it is up to you to determine how you want to use them. You are unable to build a weather control device and must use only your chronosphere to help eliminate the soviet threat. 

Below is album link. I am also unaware of how to take one large picture of the entire map. If someone knows how to do this, let me know and I can do that and add it to the album. Thanks!


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