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  1. I think this is only shown in custom maps... just to notify people that ther might be hidden "cheats" like an oil rig outside of the visible map etc.
  2. @ TK3600 Is there a way to add your AI improvements to a specific map only without making changes to the gamefiles? (ideally without all the other modifications) Would it also work in Red Alert 2 mode (without Yuri)?
  3. v2elite

    Update: [4] Presidential Lake v1.1

    Thanks for your comments Ravage. - i will think about the gems and paradrop but it will change the balancing, if i do it then it will be a similar but differently named map. - I already played with some lightning but at the end decided to remove it, since the map is very small it just doesn´t look good. Do you know some method to see the actual map without to have to start a game? Maybe i will experiment around with ligntning a bit again.
  4. Hi all, I updated [4] Presidential Lake to version 1.1. Hope you enjoy! Description: [4] Presidential Lake is a small 2vs2 map intended for TOP vs BOTTOM play but also great for 1vs1 matches if you are on the diagonal opposite site of each other. This map has no cheats or any intended advantages/disatvantages for any fractions or positions. Tipps: - Build to the gems in the middle - Build naval if you can afford - Don´t mess with the President Changelog: V1.0: Inspired by the official [2] Little Big Lake map I created a similar map for 2vs2 and named it [4] Presidential Lake New V1.1: slightly updated map look and object positioning rebalanced ore/gems enabled AI added high-res preview gave more power to the President [4] presidential lake v1.1.map
  5. @RaVaGe do you know how to add an author to the map preview?
  6. My Avast Antivir is deleting clientdx.exe all the time, i noticed it just today... before that i thought there was some issue with the installation and i re-installed CnCNet each time it was no longer starting... Is it possible to remove this "IDP.Generic" Threat? I assume there are many people who don´t know why the game is no longer starting and just stop playing...
  7. is there some step-by step guide on how to make an own high res preview? i made a custom map but don´t know what exactly to do to let it show a high res preview in cncnt RA2
  8. v2elite

    Known issues - tracker

    @Grant Is it possible to drop all players back to lobby if a player doesn´t start to load the game in the "loadscreen" for more then 10 seconds? it is really annoying to wait for 1-2 mins if a player could not load the map... all other players have to wait loong and will quit the game anyway when it is loaded without the issue player... Also a major issue which makes 50% of the games unplayable: laggy players.... could you maybe make some logic/system so the opened games are sorted by the network performance to yourself or something like that? Sometimes it is really anoyying if the connection to one player is bad and a 4vs4 has to be stopped because of that...
  9. v2elite

    Main executable for Yuri´s Revenge stopped working

    @Grant if i change to Win8Compat=Yes I get the same error message - no change... What I also noticed my client is loading much longer since in the past... my game is installed on a SSD... this CNCNet Logo on Black Background takes pretty long to disappear... maybe this is somehow related? gamemd-spawn.exe.5672.rar
  10. v2elite

    Main executable for Yuri´s Revenge stopped working

    today 1vs1 gamemd-spawn.exe.4920.rar
  11. Hey ladies, whats your opinion on a bloodpatch and option for language change option?
  12. v2elite

    Main executable for Yuri´s Revenge stopped working

    @Grant Skirmish 1vs1 gamemd-spawn.exe.2876.rar spawn.ini spawnmap.ini client.log
  13. v2elite

    Main executable for Yuri´s Revenge stopped working

    @Grant Ranked match Countryswing. gamemd-spawn.exe.6836.rar
  14. v2elite

    Main executable for Yuri´s Revenge stopped working

    @Grant gamemd-spawn.exe.4660.rar spawn.ini spawnmap.ini