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RaWr custom maps.


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hello i am a rishain  and i am part of a group of people called RaWr. i make a few maps that you may or may not have seen around the RaWr maps. I make a few of these maps but not all and i wanted to make a little place where you could find these maps just in case something ever happens to me. First i should tell you a few of the bullet points that have been staples of these maps. 

* the maps are symmetrical the best of my ability

*the maps are fair to all plays

*most of this maps have an  anti rush  set up which means its harder to rush but not imposible 

*all maps are labal in and out of game 

*most but nto all maps are made to have a larger battle set up 

here are  few of this maps 

first my favorite of all the maps, RaWr water world A.A.  this map is a new version of the orginal rawr water world that just adds anti air to the anti rush units 

the map is a team based map 2 v 2  left vs right type maps that features land and water but you dont need water to win on it. if you attack by land you must first take out a few sentry guns 

through out this thread ill be posting rawr maps 



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RaWr StrongHold this is a 2 v 2 maps that features auto owned derricks, auto owned scout dogs,  and also features a anti rush wall that well sell once a grace period timer is done counting down.   you can not build in the middle of this map, and is made this way to prevent a base walking. 





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RaWr Oceanside is a navel based maps but like all maps you can do both land and water, however a base is easily defended if you choose to not do a land fight.  the rawr anti rush wall and timer are part of his map along with auto own derreks repair facility and scout dogs this maps is 2 v 2 and also has a 3v 3 verson called ocean side party 


ocean side.png

ocean side.map



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