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  1. i want to make a map where spots are auto allied, if any one knows the code for allying in a map or just flat out knows how to do this plz let me know. i saw anothere thread where they said to set the waypoints to =a team (a or b) but taht didnt work when i tied it.
  2. samne i feel like there was an update that did this and it didnt roll over to the newest update, a problem on the tech side
  3. ahh what about maps that are custom maps that are fair maps. for example, i make the rawr maps fair maps to all sides that are not trying to be offical maps. will those maps then be known as unknown or modified. im also a good player that gets called a cheater because i play the game better then a lot of the peop[e that i run into, will it then be the argument of well you playhing on a unknown map so you much be cheating?'
  4. hello person i dont know
  5. Rawr harsh eletement just a simple 3 v 3 maps with anti rush walll and derricks that are not auto owned rawrhe.map
  6. RaWr Oceanside is a navel based maps but like all maps you can do both land and water, however a base is easily defended if you choose to not do a land fight. the rawr anti rush wall and timer are part of his map along with auto own derreks repair facility and scout dogs this maps is 2 v 2 and also has a 3v 3 verson called ocean side party ocean side.map rawroceansidefix.map
  7. RaWr StrongHold this is a 2 v 2 maps that features auto owned derricks, auto owned scout dogs, and also features a anti rush wall that well sell once a grace period timer is done counting down. you can not build in the middle of this map, and is made this way to prevent a base walking. rawrstronghold.map
  8. hello i am a rishain and i am part of a group of people called RaWr. i make a few maps that you may or may not have seen around the RaWr maps. I make a few of these maps but not all and i wanted to make a little place where you could find these maps just in case something ever happens to me. First i should tell you a few of the bullet points that have been staples of these maps. * the maps are symmetrical the best of my ability *the maps are fair to all plays *most of this maps have an anti rush set up which means its harder to rush but not imposible *all maps are labal in and out of game *most but nto all maps are made to have a larger battle set up here are few of this maps first my favorite of all the maps, RaWr water world A.A. this map is a new version of the orginal rawr water world that just adds anti air to the anti rush units the map is a team based map 2 v 2 left vs right type maps that features land and water but you dont need water to win on it. if you attack by land you must first take out a few sentry guns through out this thread ill be posting rawr maps rawrwwaa.map
  9. i did it did not work i tried it a few times and mutiple ways
  10. tried this it did nto work for me sill jsut shows up as part of the name of the map and author slot is still uknown
  11. not that i know of but if you find a way i would like to know too, i like my maps to be symmetrical
  12. you have to 1 put it in custum folder and 2 chang ethe game time to one that it has, it more then likely wil be in standard. lastly make sure when you put in the map you start cncnet and then clsoe it and start it again so that its has time to load
  13. muahhahah i always have fun good sir always been playing this thing for too long to not enjoy the heck out of it <3
  14. i know how to play the original, i know you to play official maps and just because of i perfect to play custom maps do not devalue the official maps or the custom maps. you went out of your way to point out this map is bad but did explain why, is it bad because you never played it? is it bad because you prefer the official maps? its it bad because you dont know whats up and your threaten by something that is not what you normally play. Ive been playing rawr maps since 2002 at the very least if you are saying they are bad explain to me why and what make whatever your playing the game on so much better. my reasoning for loving this map, 1 the amount of money allows you to build a good sized army tho the money is not unlimited and there is not modded fast build in it, it allows you to learn how to ore properly create a build order and experience more then the starting units of the game. Furthermore more there is the lay out of the map, the map as 2 walk way you can send units and 5 bodies of water allow for more options for defensively and offensively then you get on most maps. the walk ways are easy to defend if you put a little effort into it however if you dont get into the water that defence is easily crashed. the map is built so that the water give you a advantage but you cant when with what alone. next i like the anti rush model of all the rawr maps because even tho it stops early game harassment game it makes for more complex match late game. now if thats not your playstyle that cool but dont go around cry bad maps when you dont know **** about it.
  15. Hello your friendly onion bro playing a little yuri's and mining some fun out of the game. my favorite tatic in the game on my favorite map RaWr water world :-D hope you enjoy the video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173151730
  16. hello your friendly onion bro here playing a little red alert 2 yr having some fun thought i post a video of the infamous mad dash attack on RaWr water world. on of my maps. game was pplayed 9/7/17 was just having fun RaWr 4 life https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173152620 dont know why the video starts 5 mins into it but you can always go back
  17. second twitch account https://www.twitch.tv/mdragonfrost
  18. wouldnt it be awesome if cncnet allowed you to run the campain with there client ....... that would be amazing @Grant
  19. yeah running it in admin mod fixed all the problems i was having with it
  20. how did you fix the crashes, i have a 150 by 150 map and there a spot on the map where if people travel to it crashes,i dont know how to fix it
  21. i dont know if that can be changed, in my maps i put intro triggers telling players the map name and that i made the map and that its a rawr map
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