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General rant about morons


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Pings..... Can we have these hidden at all times please? - it's 2017 ping dose not reflect lag in a game like this, not at all. Unless someone is rocking like a 1k+ ping with no firewall , you have an equal chance of a 50ms player lagging as  you do a 350ms player.


It takes me literally 1 hour to find a single game that will actually let me play cause i'm from aus and my ping is pretty much static 300 with USA and Germany servers - Do i lag? Nope. i've played with many ppl here and can vouch i don't lag.

It's getting to the point where i can't even be bothered playing now cause it's basically a waste of my time - if i don't have at least 3 hours free i pretty much can't play. 


TLDR - Most ppl are morons and don't understand ping in a game like yuris.

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