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  1. Hey Chris, Honestly you don't need much for yuris man, that one will do just fine. You could even get away with something less than that and be able to play without lag. You should check out craigslist or ebay for a cheap 2nd hand one as well, you might find one there that's pretty good for next to nothing really. Really hope to see you around in the future man, can't wait to play some games with ya
  2. Barrowwind


    Hey Guys, Can anyone mod sedona for me ? no yuri in crates and i don't know if this is possible but - Disable spy's or if spied - all players on map get vets
  3. Pings..... Can we have these hidden at all times please? - it's 2017 ping dose not reflect lag in a game like this, not at all. Unless someone is rocking like a 1k+ ping with no firewall , you have an equal chance of a 50ms player lagging as you do a 350ms player. It takes me literally 1 hour to find a single game that will actually let me play cause i'm from aus and my ping is pretty much static 300 with USA and Germany servers - Do i lag? Nope. i've played with many ppl here and can vouch i don't lag. It's getting to the point where i can't even be bothered playing now cause it's basically a waste of my time - if i don't have at least 3 hours free i pretty much can't play. TLDR - Most ppl are morons and don't understand ping in a game like yuris.
  4. Hey guys, the new update won't install - it stops on " waiting for launcher to exit " Fixxed by xme thanks dude ur a legend
  5. We don't help people who can't speak English? I don't understand your statement. They ask a question in Portuguese I would assume they can't speak English. So no, to answer your question.
  6. Todos os sons no menu principal ficam cheios. no Windows tudo soa máximo?
  7. é apenas uma instalação personalizada para que não tenha verificação de certificado, é bom pressionar executar nada ruim acontecerá
  8. Hey Guys, Just found out about cncnet in the last weekend - looking forword to playing some games and getting back into the swing of things. used to play back in 2002 - 2005? maybe WoL was still alive back then prolly a year before BoToMaTiC destroyed everything lol My old nick names where :- Ra2YrGoDz iRaQyRaGe Killer4l5 iTsMeAnT the more popular ones i used. Please forgive me for any flaming or general trash I committed back in the day - I'm sorry i was like 15 Also Hello to all those who remember me - feel free to contact me on the fourms here for some games. If Qatarboy, youyoyo, turkey22 is around pls contact me i'd love to say hi - Special HI to Own4core / Avery ty for all the attempts in training my noob ass in the past i'd like to get owned by you again sometime. Also latof for the fun times we had even if I did hate on you most the time PS. My posts here have to be reviewed by a mod is this normal?
  9. Hey I'd love to test the QM ladder if there is still room. i posted this before in the wrong section i think. My bad @grant
  10. Hey, i'd love to help test guys - can you add me
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