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Yuri's Revenge keeps freezing

Jacen Solo

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Anybody knows how to fix this?

I followed all the instructions here to the letter, but while playing the campaign, every 2 minutes minimum the game just freezes.
Audio and everything works and the game is still going on, but it's simply unplayable. 

This is the ultimate collection version and I'm playing on Windows 10

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Okay, fixed it! And it was super simple too :P

So place the ddwrapper stuff in your RA2 folder and open aqrit.cfg and change all these values to one


ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 1
NoVideoMemory            = 1
SingleProcAffinity       = 1

And save!

The single processor affinity is what fixed it. 
Forcing DDraw emulation and no video memory is what you change to get the game working, which I knew from before. 
But the single processor affinity I didn't.

Thanks for the help @Chrono Vortex :D

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