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  1. Kind of a random question, but I remember reading somewhere that the charging up sound for the Chronosphere you hear in the cutscenes is stock, and I'm pretty sure I heard it in a relatively recent Dr. Who episode, so I'm curious. @Nyerguds, you usually seem to know this sort of thing, do you have any idea where to find it online? Or does anybody else?
  2. Fixing Internal Errors in Custom Maps

    What This Is Not too long ago, I found this article on ModEnc detailing the exact causes of a number of internal errors (IEs) in Yuri's Revenge. I thought to myself "great, now I can look up all the error logs for my maps and fix them!" No cigar, turns out the error codes for CnCNet's main executable, "gamemd-spawn.exe," are different from those of the original game. If you've ever tried to make maps with a significant number of triggers or INI edits, odds are you've come across an IE at least once. So, the following is a list of error codes and their respective causes in CnCNet, based on the one from the ModEnc article, so you can identify and fix IEs whenever they come up in your maps. How to Use This Whenever an IE pops up while you're playing a skirmish in CnCNet, a file called "EXCEPT_CNCNET.TXT" will be created in your main CnCNet directory. In this file, it should say somewhere "Exception occurred at [some hexadecimal value]." This hexadecimal value (hopefully) corresponds to one of the error codes listed below. The cause under the error code should tell you exactly what went wrong in your map so you can fix it. Finding the cause of an IE which occured in a multiplayer game is only a bit trickier. The directory for these error logs is "[CnCNet Directory]/Client/ErrorLogs." This folder should contain all your IE and reconnection error logs arranged by date. The IE error logs are named "EXCEPT_CNCNET_[DATE].TXT." If you want to make sure that the error occured on the map you want to fix, open the zip file associated with the log, open the file "spawnmap.ini" it contains in WordPad or Notepad++ and search for [Basic]. under [Basic], "Name=" should tell you which map this error occured on. Error Codes 004184AB Cause: An AircraftType has fired a weapon which has Suicide=yes set. Test Map: test_suicide_aircraft.map Yeah, it's not much right now. I'll get to testing more as soon as I have the time. Drawbacks I suspect that whenever the gamemd-spawn executable is updated, these error codes are liable to change, which is part of why I've provided the maps designed to test these errors. I probably won't be able to keep this list up to date reliably, so if you're so inclined, feel free to test any of these errors using the provided maps and let me know what the new error code is whenever there's an update. Also, if you find an error code and cause I haven't covers, let me know so I can stick it on the list.
  3. Yuri's Revenge Wallpapers

    I made these a while back for personal use after not being able to find any pre-existing ones. The Allied and Yuri logos were extracted directly from the mix files, so they should be the highest possible quality. I don't remember where the Soviet one came from, but it should still look alright. DOWNLOAD
  4. Was Hitler an aggressor or not?

    This generally rings true. From what I understand, "breaking the chains of the Treaty of Versailles" was just the main theme of the propaganda Hitler used to get into office: Hitler though, of course, did go way further than just fixing the damage done to Germany by that treaty when he started killing folk who had nothing to do with it, and it does seem that he annexed and invaded places that never belonged to Germany in the first place.
  5. [YR] Manifest Destiny (2-8)

    I've gotten a request or two to release WTF MAP without the "WTF," so... as just "MAP," really. I did give it a fancier title than that though, of course. It's all spiffed up to resemble an official map, so it's available not only under "Standard" but also "Battle," if you so desire to play it with that gamemode even though it's not really any different. Oh, and the tunnels still work. Didn't take those out, since they're not TECHNICALLY a "WTF" element (though some may still respond to them with an understandable "wtf"). DOWNLOAD
  6. WTF MAP

    'Nother update, this one is just some balance changes and bug fixes. I also begrudgingly added a version number to the map preview, because I couldn't think of anything else to distinguish this in the client.
  7. WTF MAP

    Quick update, I realized I missed a couple spots. The Yuri MCV now has a primary weapon set like all the other MCVs, and the new actual "MCVs" are now all available in crates. The new version is distinguishable only by the new "WTF" over the map preview 'cause I stubbornly refuse to use version numbers. @fir3w0rx @TerrorWGD Thanks! Glad you fellas like it. I suspect there’s probably some stuff you haven’t discovered yet. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend experimenting with magnetrons and stolen tech.
  8. WTF MAP

    Every so often, me or my comrades will be hosting some silly maps, and someone will pop in, look at the preview and say the exact words "wtf map?" So, naturally, I figured it'd be a good idea to give 'em a REAL reason to say that. Everybody loves this map! If you don't believe me, just take it from the players themselves: The preview makes it look fairly innocent, but I can assure you, this map will make you go "wtf map?" more times than you can count. The only other thing I'll say here is that those tunnels do work properly, as in Tiberian Sun, if a little finicky. I'll let everything else remain a surprise. Credit goes to FlyingZ for a bunch of the INI in this thing. If you like crazy crap like this, I'd definitely recommend trying his maps. DOWNLOAD Videos: Trailer 2 Versus 2
  9. Adding Kamikaze Planes to a Map

    After several hours of research and sifting through INI, I finally figured out how to make kamikaze aircraft work with only modifications that can be made within a map! The work here is based on this tutorial from ModEnc. If you want more info on kamikaze airstrikes, take a look there. To give the Allies a kamikaze plane like the one pictured above, simply paste this code into your map: [KAMIKAZE] UIName=Mission:MOJOTIP Name=Kamikaze Image=FALC Prerequisite=RADAR Primary=Banzai CanPassiveAquire=no CanRetaliate=no Strength=200 Category=AirPower Armor=light TechLevel=3 Sight=8 RadarInvisible=no Landable=yes MoveToShroud=yes Dock=GAAIRC,AMRADR Speed=18 PitchSpeed=1.1 PitchAngle=0 OmniFire=yes Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance Cost=1200 Points=20 ROT=3 Crewed=yes ConsideredAircraft=yes AirportBound=yes GuardRange=30 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 MaxDebris=3 IsSelectableCombatant=yes VoiceSelect=IntruderSelect VoiceMove=IntruderMove VoiceAttack=IntruderAttackCommand VoiceCrashing=IntruderVoiceDie DieSound= MoveSound=IntruderMoveLoop CrashingSound=IntruderDie DeathWeapon=Demobomb ImpactLandSound=DemoTruckDie Locomotor={4A582746-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} MovementZone=Fly ThreatPosed=20 DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys AuxSound1=IntruderTakeOff AuxSound2=IntruderLanding VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,SIGHT,FASTER EliteAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF Fighter=yes AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no ImmuneToPsionics=yes PreventAttackMove=yes [Banzai] Damage=1 ROF=10 Range=8 Projectile=Invisible Speed=70 Warhead=DUMMY Report=Dummy ;No firing sound. Burst=100 ;Fire a ton of projectiles at the same time. Anim=INVISO ;The only avalible animation which allows for self-harm. Only does one damage, hence the burst. [DUMMY] ;Can target anything, but does no damage. Verses=1%,1%,1%,1%,1%,1%,1%,1%,1%,1%,1% [AircraftTypes] XX=KAMIKAZE ;Replace "XX" with a number above 12 (the first 12 entries under [AircraftTypes] are already in use). [Warheads] XXX=DUMMY ;Replace "XXX" with a number above 105 (the first 105 entries under [Warheads] are already in use). Before you go any further, be sure to add the entry numbers under [AircraftTypes] and [Warheads]. From here, there's a BUNCH of stuff you can do to expand on the concept. For example: Increase the strength of the kamikaze plane (be sure to increase the "Burst" value under [Banzai] as well if you do this). Change the "DeathWeapon" under [KAMIKAZE] to alter the explosion the plane causes when crashing. Add an aircraft-carrier-like unit which spawns kamikaze planes. Add a Boris-style airstrike ability to a unit which calls in kamikaze planes. Add triggers to the map which call in kamikaze planes to attack particular areas at random intervals. Turn the spy plane superweapon into a kamikaze plane superweapon (not sure how feasible this is, I haven't actually tested it). Make a mission in which you have to hijack kamikaze planes, avoid enemy AA defences and crash into a target. Also, as far as I know, the ONLY images under [KAMIKAZE] which will work are "FALC" and "BEAG" (possibly "BPLN" for the Soviet MiG, I haven't tested that one). Any other aircraft images will cause the plane to fail to kill itself when firing its weapon.
  10. Just a warning on playing custom maps

    How is this whitelisting system going be handled? Will maps be reviewed by request, or is it just going to happen as they pop up? Or something entirely different?
  11. Yuri's Revenge keeps freezing

    I don't have much experience with this compatibility stuff, but using this dll got RA2 working perfectly on Windows 10 for me. If that doesn't work and you can't find any help here, you might try the support section.
  12. Did you know you can kill a tank by flipping it?

    @fir3w0rx made a video on this a while ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EFPVdqdl5A Also, IIRC, the brute was planned to have a "kinetic weapon" that would only flip tanks over instead of doing any actual damage. There's a tutorial on how to activate the logic for it: http://esource.freedomstudios.net/tutorials/kinetics.html
  13. Mirage Tanks with Selectable Disguises

    I had thought that this was only reliably possibly using Ares, but it turns out that the logic works pretty much perfectly in the vanilla game, and getting it to work is just a matter of messing with some INI. This will enable mirage tanks to select their disguises in your map, which is useful if you want to make something like Prop Hunt in RA2. All you need to do is open your map in WordPad or Notepad++ and paste in this code: [MGTK] Primary=OpticProjectors Secondary=MirageGun [OpticProjectors] Damage=1 ROF=100 Range=-2 Projectile=Invisible Speed=100 FireOnce=yes Warhead=TankSnapshot OmniFire=yes RevealOnFire=no TerrainFire=yes [MirageGun] Anim=none [TankSnapshot] Verses=0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0% MakesDisguise=yes The only issue with this is that it takes away the muzzle flash animation for when the mirage tank fires it's weapon. This is because, for this to work, the actual weapon has to be the mirage's secondary so the weapon which allows it to disguise can be its primary. The mirage weapon has no coordinates set for its muzzle flash animation when its a secondary weapon, which means the game just defaults to drawing it in the middle of the mirage tank. It looks really weird, so [MirageGun] and "Anim=none" simply gets rid of it.
  14. Chrono Vortex's Content Hub

    To my shameless little signature-based self-promotion thingy. Here you'll find pretty much all the silly crap I make for CnCNet or centered around CnCNet. Hopefully you'll find something entertaining and/or useful. Normal Maps Whirlpool A pretty big 8 player map with an emphasis on balance between land and sea combat. Nature Trail to Hell 4 player map, good for a relatively laid-back 2v2. Manifest Destiny WTF MAP for sane people. Medium sized 8 player map with a boatload of gems. Abnormal Maps Crate Craps Collect as many crates as you can to build the biggest, scrappiest army possible. Witwatersrand Basin An edit I did for "ORE MAP" by @Roooo. Conserve space and train all the infantry you can. Appels' Wasteland A collaborative effort between myself and @Appels to reinvent "EXTRA SMALL" as "EXTRA medium." Knossos, Crete Ever read the Hunger Games? It's basicly that, but in Yuri's Revenge. WTF MAP Exactly what it sounds like. Minigames Spy Hunt Blow up the kremlin without being spotted or hunt down the crafty invader of your glorious homeland. Monster Truck Best described by a single word: EXPLOSIONS. Other Be Right Back Not so much a map as it is a way to escape to the restroom. Parabomb Strikes from Airports Ever wanted to make parabombs a thing in RA2? Now you can stick 'em right in your map. Making Tunnels in Final Alert 2 You know, those things from Tiberian Sun? Turns out they work in Yuri's Revenge, too. Adding an Author to a Map So people can associate the awesomeness of you map with the person who made it. How to Use the Map Renderer Make those fancy giant map previews you've seen around for your own map. Mirage Tanks with Selectable Disguises Enable mirage tanks to select which tree or traffic light they look like in your map. Adding Kamikaze Planes to a Map Destroy stuff by crashing planes into said stuff. 8 Player FFA on Appels' Wasteland A demonstration of the dangers of implementing Tiberian Sun logic into RA2. Custom Map Shenanigans Hey look, it's all those maps I did! Appels' Wasteland 4v4s In which I'm fortunate enough to be on the winning side and my only real competence is dirty harvy-alting. Battle Fortress of the Skies If ever you find yourself wishing the battle fortress wasn't so powerful, just be glad it doesn't fly. FFA on Knossos, Crete Finally got my comrades to take a break from Appels' Wasteland to try a round on this map. FFA on Crate Craps Camping your ass off and praying you're the last one to get caught in the crossfire works, like, 50% of the time it seems. 2v2 on WTF MAP Why people ever play with me when I subject them to this sort of hell is something I couldn't tell you. 3v3 on Modded Tour of Egypt I haven't touched this map in forever, and now I remember why. OTHER STUFF Yuri's Revenge Wallpapers In case you want to cover your computer in RA2 iconography. Efficient Base-Walking A practical tip for games in which base-walking is an integral part. Also, if you wanna know some other fancy-shmancy stuff about RA2, I recommend a peek through the rest of this thread. Hijacking and Unit "Displacement" A not-at-all practical tip unless you care about the most extraneous of details or you're playing a match on Whirlpool.
  15. Making Tunnels in Final Alert 2

    It took me forever to figure this out myself, so I figured it’d be a good idea to save anyone else out there who wants to make tunnels work using Final Alert 2 the trouble. The first thing you’ll need to do is follow this other tutorial in order to enable FA2 to work with tunnels. If those instructions don’t work for you, or you just don’t want to deal with them, try replacing “FAData.ini” in the folder where you have FA2 installed with this version: FAData.ini If it worked, you should now have a “Tunnels” option in the sidebar: Next, you’ll need to set up the terrain for the tunnels. The tunnel terrain pieces are under (Tunnel Floor) and (Tunnel Side). Your setup should look something like this: If you don’t want the road, you’ll need to use the tunnel pieces under (DirtTunnel Floor) instead, which will look something like this: Now to make the actual tunnels. Open the new “Tunnels” tab in the sidebar and select “Create tunnel.” In my experience, these are the best locations to draw the tunnels relative to the terrain: All you have to do now is finish drawing the cliff. Be careful not to draw over the tunnel pieces: And that’s it. If you’ve done everything right, units should be able to pass through your tunnel without issue. If you want a reference, here’s a map with a couple of tunnels in it: Tunnel Example.map One more thing; the tunnel facing toward the bottom left has a little bit of an alignment issue, which leaves some annoying black pixels in-game: There’s not really a way to fix this without modding, unfortunately. I’d recommend just covering it up with some trees or something. A bit crude, but effective: