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  1. The reshroud/reveal all actions consistently cause recon errors in multiplayer, they only work in single player. For multiplayer, I'd recommend sticking a gap generator with a huge radius owned by the neutral house in the center of the map for reshrouding, and providing spysats to players for revealing.
  2. It's 'cause I'm helping him with a map
  3. I'm not sure using that kind of incentive to have people play your map is the most scrupulous idea.
  4. After fiddling around with teleporting boats into pools, I finally figured out a way to make a battleship map for RA2. Everybody starts with several different types of ships/subs and support powers for teleporting them and revealing the map. GAME SETTINGS: • Unit Count: 10 • Crates: Off • Short Game: Off Note that the maps will technically still work without these settings, though they will not function optimally. DOWNLOAD Videos: FFAs
  5. Wait, what? You can search for maps on the database? How'd you do that? EDIT: Nevermind. This info should really be pinned somewhere.
  6. This is an idea I got from @SmegmaLasagna when he showed me the cave map he made for RA1. Turns out you can make a map that looks cave-like in RA2 as well. Nukes and weather storms don't really make sense here, but whatever. DOWNLOAD
  7. A couple weeks ago I was listening to the Foo Fighters, and I realized that the album cover for Sonic Highways had a lot of the same landmarks and RA2. So I decided it needed to be a map. DOWNLOAD Videos: 4v4s
  8. It only now occurs to me that there's a way more useful piece of info which comes from this post I made here a while ago that I didn't bring up at the time. If you're Soviet and you want to destroy a pill box or a sentry gun, you can outrange it by sticking a Rhino in any of the green cells, since it has 0.25 more range.
  9. To my knowledge, recon errors are common in maps with lots of triggers and/or ini edits for no apparent reason. I'm not really sure how to deal with it other than making sacrifices to the CnCNet gods.
  10. IIRC that causes a reconnection error, not an internal error, and I'm not privy to any method of diagnosing those. Also, crap, I totally forgot about this thread. Would this be useful to anybody, is it worth working on?
  11. I came across this map a while back and had some pretty fun matches on it, but it had a buttload of terrain errors and the lighting was an assault on the eyes, so I fixed it up a bit. Didn't make it myself, I'm not sure who the author is. DOWNLOAD
  12. So, using a speed-up stuka siren sound and this, I managed to come up with something which sounds similar to the chronosphere, but it's far from perfect. The siren doesn't sound exactly right and there's a couple more sounds from the original that are missing, like whatever that one is between the siren and the explosion.
  13. Oh yeah, that's what this RA legos vid is talking about, isn't it? That's where I first heard about it.
  14. I know I've heard that one several other places too, but I can't remember where, exactly. Just found the source of the actual in-game chrono teleportation sound (or one of them, at least), but still no luck with the charging sound from the cutscene. The hunt continues!
  15. Found another one! The first sound in this list is totally where the charging sound for the obelisk of light came from. Damn, that didn't take long. Now I'm certain the chronosphere sound is in this archive somewhere. There's a ton of sounds to sort through though, so it may take a while to find it. EDIT: Aaand found another one, last track in this list is the source of some tiberian creature ambience in Tiberian Sun I think.
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