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TS Client Missing Ingame Sidebar Cutscene


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The first Nod mission for TS (Not Firestorm) is supposed to have two ingame cutscenes. The video files were always within movies2.mix or whatever its called, its just Westwood forgot to enable them or something. TS Client enabled them to show while you play the mission. However, I've only ever seen one of them. Once battle control is established, as your laser turrets are getting attacked, there's an incoming transmission, and sure enough, your sidebar shows you a video of a Nod soldier telling you to train more infantry at the Hand of Nod.

My question is where the hell is the second one? If it is included then what exactly triggers it? I've viewed the video itself (no sound) thru XCC mixer, I know the file exists. But I've beaten the mission many times, explored the map, and even let an Attack Buggy destroy one of my Power Plants. But this second video has yet to show itself.

Also, was it mentioned that there was an in game sidebar cutscene for Nod mission 5 as well?

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