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Red Alert: Final Conflict (Skirmish mini-mod)


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I wanted to make the RA1 AI play better and also the game a little more interesting, so I made this mini-mod that worked out pretty well. List of changes:

  • AI builds Tech Center now, it was fixed in Iran's RA1 patch but not activated in the CnCNet rules.
  • AI building numbers adjusted -- Soviets don't overbuild Tesla Coils and never build their Tech Center from the low power it caused anymore, and both sides build more Helipads / Airfields.
  • Tracked vehicle speeds set to TD / TS levels, so tanks don't travel faster than wheeled vehicles on clear land! Westwood changed this in beta because testers liked the tank rush, but the rest of the game didn't seem to be adjusted for it.
  • Badger and Spy Plane stats switched, it doesn't make sense that the Spy Plane had much more health and more armor than a heavy bomber! The Badger is no longer useless, and the Spy Plane can be shot down if you're unlucky. It was probably changed because the GPS is invincible, but the Parabomb crate is functional now and has the power it deserves for the charging time. Before the Missile Sub was added in Aftermath, the Badger Bomber was probably supposed to be the Soviets long-range unit like the Cruiser for the Allies and they found the Soviets were powerful enough already and removed it, and never needed to fix the stats.

Testing images (using 999999 credits):





RA Final Conflict.7z


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