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How does damage/health work

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So over in the less popular, although still an amazing game in its own right, Renegade world, I am creating a map that has similar balance to Tiberian Dawn.

Where buildings cost less, have less health, and can be buildable/destroyed/captured, etc.  So in an essence exactly like Tiberian Dawn only in FPS style.

Anyways on to my question.  Is there a specific way that damage is dealt from units and is it different from unit to unit or is the baseline damage amount the same regardless of what is being attacked.  Like I know that commandos barely do any damage to tanks is there any math behind this or does anyone know of a more in depth way to figure out balancing other than damage output vs health?

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There's different armor types and different warheads for projectiles, all of which correlate by percentages. For example: heavy armor (mostly tanks and some buildings like the turret and airstrip have that) takes very little damage from small arms, flames and high explosives, but full damage from AP projectiles such as tank shells and anti-tank rockets.


For the complete data check: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/inirules/warheads.ini

The first numbers after the 'verses' part for each warhead are what you're looking for.

Full damage is 256. And the six numbers in the line represent the fraction of damage dealt verses the six armor types, but you only need the first four numbers, as only four armor types are used in the game. They are as follows:

0 (first number) - no armor - infantry units; 

1 - very light armor - a curious case. The only unit it's used for is the bike, but many structures have it. 

2 - light armor - hummers, buggies, other fragile units and some structures. Main difference to type 1 is that 2 offers much better flame and HE protection. It takes more damage from small arms though.

3 - tank armor. Good vs. everything but armor-piercing and special warheads. 

Type 4, which is unused is supposed to be 'concrete' and judging by the numbers it looks like it was intended for structures but was left out. Sixth number is an empty slot I think.

The other .ini files tell the complete story. Look around Nyer's stuff.


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Ah thank you, Renegade has similar armour/health types as well, so I'm sure they are somewhat similar.


Any info on frame rate and cooldown times?  I see on the wiki it has cooldown times, which could be seen as reload times.

Are these in frames I'm assuming? Is TD in 30fps?

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