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  1. No. Aborting changes the player name to 'Computer' and produces a chat message. He DCd.
  2. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    Good idea, low priority, probably not currently possible. Otherwise, consider my remarks a kind of help on your newly-chosen path towards maturity. PS: passive aggression is still aggression.
  3. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    I deal with them easily, but I'll gladly offer my opponent a restart if I see him getting mauled by one, as should any decent player. Of course, if my opponent did get mauled by a visceroid, I'll probably snap him like a twig in 2 minutes flat, even without the help. But that's totally beside the point and a far cry from me taking a side in the childish online rivalry you have with White. You know precisely well what I don't agree with so don't play coy.
  4. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    Didn't read your entire wall of text, Chem, but please stop implying I somehow 'agree' with you about something just to further your very immature arguments with White. This is not the first time you're doing it either. In short: stop putting words or opinions in my mouth. In fact, as I stated, visceroids can be game-breaking and in any actual 'pro' competition I'd like to see them gone, but then I'd also like to see everybody playing at a set resolution, etc. And that's a whole different thread.
  5. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    Like all other AI units, it attacks top left, yes. Since it's a crusher though it will also go out of its way to try and squish men that attack it. That's why grenadiers are the best to take care of it. The incoming grenade triggers the scatter mechanic and the visceroid just gets confused and stumbles around. Same thing you can see with Nod tanks in the GDI campaign when you attack them with grenades. Sure, they can ruin the occasional game, but I don't find them all that troublesome. It's like a 1/100 chance or less that someone gets their first power or CY killed, which is the real blow. They're also kinda like god's way of telling you to build barracks before factory. If people badly want to eliminate the visc-risk, it can be done even without outright stopping them from spawning - change the stats: take away the weapon, make it a non-crusher, give it pathetic health, etc.
  6. Production speeds for structures/units

    Damage is probably pixel related, how exactly, IDK. But also: inaccuracy - tank first shots and shots while moving are not dead on, etc.
  7. Production speeds for structures/units

    The percentage part of the chart makes some sense of it, although I believe it would look better done the other way around, i.e. helipad doesn't build 500% more quickly but at 20% of the time it theoretically should. Adding columns with more unit stats, especially the unknown variables from Nyer's .inis might also result in a correlation, perhaps? (I could do that too, but can't really bring myself up to it on a weekend.)
  8. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    No unit stats were changed in CnCNet besides the speed of the cargo plane, so, the game's right. The only official balance patch ever done to C&C AFAIK was upping the cost of the turret to $600. That was done very early for the DOS version, before C&C Gold came out, I think. Everything else WW patched was bug-fixes and exploits. Such errors can occur when manuals are printed before the game is completely finished and itself ready for the presses. I even have memories of reading a story about a specific case like this, but I can't remember if it was for C&C or Civilization I, which is notorious for the errors and omissions in its manual.
  9. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/inirules/units.ini Unless Nyer ALSO made a mistake, which is as close to impossible as can be, considering his OCD with C&C, the buggy is at tech 4, while the bike and hummer are at 2. So that explains your 'buggy limbo' situation. If I were to venture a guess, it's probably related to the APC also coming in at 4. Edit: what I neglect to mention this whole time is that pound for pound hummers are equal to or even better than bikes for a variety of reasons, they're the real hard counter to pure bikes. But hummers are also decidedly worse than buggies. Having both bikes and 300-buck buggies available at tech 2, while GDI doesn't even have meds and can't APC rush is overkill.
  10. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Buggies come later in the tech tree than bikes. Bikes come at the same tech that GDI gets hummers. Buggies are the tech level above that.
  11. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    If by disconnects you mean OOS, probably latency. When too many players from too many different parts of the world play, some with high ping, etc. there are much more opportunities for someone's game to miss a beat. Any difference in object position should and would cause an instant OOS. The only thing that could possibly be different for players, IMO, is maybe infantry idle animations, like I would see your men doing push-ups, while for you they would be just standing about... probably even that is synced and goes by game ticks though.
  12. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    I'm no programmer or anything and I've tested nothing of the sort, but I'm pretty sure that if what you're describing from Dune II was also in C&C it would've made multiplayer impossible because of constant synchronization errors. That's why I said it with such confidence, but I may still turn out to be partly or entirely wrong.
  13. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    Not really possible, I think. Even with all of its exceptions, the cargo plane is a unit like every other. So its speed should be constant, and unlike helicopter-class aircraft, which can hover and land/take off in TD, it doesn't even have a (game-specific) reason to accelerate or decelerate. In theory the effect you mentioned should be reversed - the plane should slow down a bit on the descent towards the strip, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't do that either.
  14. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    I am very well aware of the 'ready' issue, it was me who suggested the speed upgrade for the plane to resolve it. Your second sentence does not follow. How exactly can't GDI start a new vehicle after building one?
  15. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    Yes, Nod does get screwed like that, because ultimately WF gates opening and closing is quicker and more convenient than planes. Then there's the flawed primary strip logic where you can't always get the units to land where you want them to. Plus the disadvantage of actually giving away how much you build with planes flying overhead. And also, I'm pretty sure the sped-up plane only changes things as far as the delivery time of the first unit being built goes, or otherwise has negligible impact. It was sped up to remedy the 'ready' situation, where spamming Nods would need additional clicks to ship their units. So yeah, Nod most probably need that production boost. In reality, they should be able to build everything at like buggy speed if they have the cash for it, it's a delivery after all. But then again - where does it stop, make the planes legit targets (cash back and all)?