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  1. With proper map selection (i.e. more players playing dedicated 1v1 games and providing some actual statistics on map balance) and a few crucial bugs fixed, like South advantage, TD and maybe even RA would also make wonderful e-sports games.
  2. cn2mc

    Why do people still play TD when there's DTA?

    SCII sucks, you know, compared to BW, right? I play neither, but obviously BW is the better, cleaner, more entertaining game, to both watch and play. Definitely more tasking and competitive in terms of micro. Anyway, we have better odds of Nyer or someone else savvy hacking some of the fixes we want in, than EA actually putting out something decent, or even reminiscent of TD. Especially if they're talking out of their ass with all of this 'remaster' stuff, as I'm now inclined to believe. The reality is that, without the original source code or knowledge thereof, no game, mod or remaster is going to feel and play like C&C. TDA goes close only because deep within the TS engine there's the Dune II one, which evolved into the TD/RA one, etc.
  3. The thing is OpenRA also plays nothing like TD and is vastly different from what a remaster of the games should be. Any further discussion, if it's supposed to be in some way productive and this is not just a PR stunt from EA, requires them to state what their actual intentions behind the 'remaster' slogan are.
  4. cn2mc

    Why do people still play TD when there's DTA?

    Just doesn't play like TD. Even if unit stats and weapon effects, etc. are all 100% replicated. And I'm pretty sure they're not. Just a different engine, the TS one, which, for all its capabilities, has a few surprising setbacks compared to the older RA/TD one, which it's based on. Still, DTA is probably the best approximation of TD gameplay that is not TD. Ironically, it has to sacrifice most of the huge potential of the TS engine to achieve this. I cannot answer the second question. I've played a bit of skirmish on DTA and am not inclined to switching to it from TD, but then again, I'm always wary of mods and remakes.
  5. Bullshit. Even just giving people bigger maps, more theaters and better graphics will sell the game. Also, stop speaking for everybody and (wrongly) labeling people. Wanting a remaster to be an actual remaster and not a new game is in no way extremist. It's very much conservative.
  6. I already addressed bottom advantage and harv AI in my first comment on this thread, I think they need to be fixed, along with air unit control and targeting. But removing base crawling just because you don't like it will only cripple a game that is otherwise perfectly fine both balance-wise and gameplay-wise (with the minor exceptions I already mentioned). You've been trying hard and long to convince people on these forums that Westwood didn't 'intend' for base creep to be an option, yet we see it as a feature game after game, after game. It's even in TS, where there's a production cap and more factories and barracks don't really speed up your construction. I've read some of the stuff on reddit and people there also don't seem to know what a remaster is. If EA is not certain they'll be making a genuine remaster of the original (or one of the other older games), they shouldn't be announcing this probe for public opinion as a 'remaster'. P.S. Green Acres rocks and is great for 1v1.
  7. This is what the game is and it should be kept like this in a remaster. I'm not a fan of RA, but I'm even less of a fan of this kind of insinuations. Just like the OpenRA folk, you're saying that C&C games are deeply flawed gameplay-wise and need repairing... or 're-imagining' as they bravely put it. I very much disagree with that, but even if it was true, why not go play OpenRA, then? Or one of the numerous 'classic' mods? This thread is about a remaster, not a remake. On that note, it would be nice of Jim or EA in general to announce exactly what they mean by 'remaster', because a lot of people seem to have a completely wrong idea. And if EA also have this wrong idea and really think that they can announce a remake as a 'remaster', I have nothing to do in this thread.
  8. cn2mc

    Q Button WayPoint Attack

    It shouldn't, since it's a move command. If you keep holding Q and attack another target though, that will scrap all previous waypoints you made, unless I remember wrong.
  9. cn2mc

    Do you ruin balance by blocking base creeping?

    It's definitely much less of a problem than the no-infantry zones but no base creep does somewhat affect balance, yes. The thing is, I believe you have it the other way around. It's GDI that actually needs base creeping more, Nod can control the map and defend their base and harvs with light units just fine for a big chunk of the game.
  10. It's not that broken, we've lived with it for decades, but it's among the issues some of us would like to see fixed in a remaster.
  11. Second sentence is very much on topic, since a remaster would probably use or try to maximally approximate the original game source. Harv logic is obviously not 'sacred' to some players, including me, so that's why we're discussing the need to change it. JR initially didn't even know what game I was talking about, even though I'm also at fault for not specifying that in my first post. I did explain later though, in as much a polite manner as I could, after his rude and ill-informed interjection. So, I kindly ask you to please refrain from issuing such OT warnings selectively. Now, back on topic: Cncnet has kind of ruined random starting spots in TD, and that needs to be back in remaster, along with fully selectable positions and a good spectator system, real time stats for observers. The works. Would help potential competitive play and streaming a lot. I'd like to see the wall-sell bug gone, even though it has saved my life many a time. Maybe that needs debating. Many glitches in other games (most notably StarCraft) are considered gameplay features and allowed and even encouraged by mapmakers. Keep the original sounds and Eva voice, but add more warnings for events. Like radar blips and voice warnings when your forces are engaged, etc. Even if Kia Huntzinger can't do 'em, I'm sure they can be made out of what recordings we have and with some modern audio magic.
  12. @Nyerguds Yeah, I tried to explain that as best as I could, but he doesn't get it. I've always thought about it: can this harv issue actually be resolved with a hack?
  13. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    So, it plays like it should. The idea is that tib looks close, but is actually far away, and you must choose a direction to expand to at start and kinda stick to it. Horizontal expansion is safer, vertical is a bit more risky and rushy.
  14. cn2mc

    Q Button WayPoint Attack

    You don't.
  15. cn2mc

    weaveR's favorite Chem maps

    I actually make my maps in like an hour or two. Also, what people like is not necessarily the best for them. Or the best in general.