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  1. Yeah, I actually kind of knew that, but I couldn't resist commenting.
  2. I see what you did there with the cliff corners, but why ruin my painstakingly painted realistic tib fields by upgrading all tiles? Greedy bums... lol.
  3. Snarky comments aside, I didn't mean to derail the topic. Some questions are valid. Will the TD remaster have bigger maps, fixed south advantage and other crucial bugs and control issues? It seems that the answer to bigger maps is 'no', otherwise why keep the player limit? Harvs will probably also remain as stupid as ever. But how about south advantage, air unit control, transport loading?
  4. Was pretty picked up, I gather... Cheers!
  5. Baseless assumptions. Disjointed ramblings. Ugly maps. Chem alert.
  6. It's not new content, that's for sure. I certainly remember it from back in the day, but I can't really say if it's from vanilla C&C or Covert ops.
  7. Sorry, I'm kind of illiterate when it concerns issues like this one, but I'm sure someone who isn't will chime in sooner or later. In the meantime, try fiddling with the settings from the config file and with compatibility. I've had similar problems, unfortunately it was too far back in time for me to remember how I got them solved. But it was here on the forum. You might want to check out these threads: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8821-cc-1-tiberian-dawn-installation-on-windows-10/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10135-cc-tiberian-dawn-windows-10-support/
  8. cncnet only installs a stripped down version for multiplayer with no missions or videos. Go to cnc-comm.com and click around for the full version with Nyerguds' latest patch.
  9. The forum doesn't let me vote because I don't 'largely agree' with any of the changes. Neutral on CY and MCV sight increase, possibly also on MLRS being GDI only.
  10. Is it really possible though, that the majority of players of 20+year-old games are actually younger than the games themselves? I always saw it the other way around and assumed that most players here are simply past the age, in which they feel the need to make new friends and find new social circles, let alone on the internet.
  11. So... you really think what you're doing is not crying? Your entire post is a whine, Pence. A true VP would be asking how to improve, not why he's not succeeding. Go get 'em, tiger!
  12. Eh, I don't know and I don't really care. Probably not many times. As already demonstrated, and as you already actually agreed in one of your previous posts, tech steps > 0. Or do you mean just engineers walking on foot? Don't make me laugh. I don't presume anything, you obviously ARE dumb. Here's the proof: you asked why the GT is on tier 1 and the obelisk on 2. If you meant the AGT, I put that on tier 2 with the obelisk, which means you're still dumb, because you didn't see that and asked a stupid question. You are also dumb because, realistically, you have no say on what should be where in my system, you clearly can't even understand it.
  13. You should read more carefully. I clearly defined "accessibility" as: A) The tech steps (in buildings) that are required to make the unit, so 0, 1 or 2 prerequisite buildings; B) The ease of use/cost-effectiveness/level of specialization of the unit. I bumped engineers up to tier 2 precisely because they're overspecialized. Sure, they can win you a game or give you an advantage over your opponent but they can't really save you in a fight and aren't useful for anything else but capturing buildings. They are completely useless in battle, while most of the other base tier units (save perhaps for rocket men and artillery) are generally very well-rounded in combat. I think you are confusing the regular guard tower that has a machine gun for the advanced guard tower, which I put next to the obelisk at tier 2, where it belongs. You might have a point about the stealth tank, that it should be at tier 3, but I put it at 2 because I believe it's also quite a versatile unit. Good for scouting, good for harassment, good for precision strikes on buildings, good as a force multiplier because of its high damage output... Its use is rarely viable in 1v1, but it's a great unit in team games and FFA.
  14. Yet another sidestep away from the original. As I said in the dedicated thread, I doubt having tabs will make building stuff easier than using the scroll-wheel to navigate the regular sidebar. Better have a customizable one.
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