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  1. Yes, to me full or almost full mech. seems to be the way to go once Nod get enough SSMs. Of course, on more open maps you'd still want infantry roaming about and chasing off bikes and buggies that try to flank you and stuff. Regarding X3M's comment: I'm not trying to deny anybody their fun. I was just pointing out that this topic has been discussed a lot in the past with basically the same propositions and the same results, i.e. nobody even tried it. It would be more fun to actually do these easy mods and try them out by using hamachi, old cncnet4 (if the server still works that way) or some other alternative. Then the topic can also be constructive, because you can report back and say 'we changed so and so, and got this and this result.' It just doesn't seem to me like a right thing to do, to involve the developers and potentially the entire community in the testing of these changes when in fact all you need is a few skilled players to do it (which are apparently available). Otherwise, I have nothing against this discussion or the joy it brings people, as you see I even actively participate. It's just that it keeps going around in circles. I'll do my bid: I've always said that a) allowing helicopters to be targeted in flight, or b) at least giving the player the ability to set them to guard mode, like the AI can, will fix a lot of early GDI apache problems. b) seems realistic, a) not so much.
  2. Oh, the MLRS (like AGTs) is almost completely useless vs. GDI, another tank would be better to have. It's going to suck for Nod because GDI would be able to do pushes with no/little infantry.
  3. MRLS at radar would be OP for GDI. Also, the topic is not progressive. As I said, it's repetitive.
  4. Starcraft is a geat game, but it took half of the concepts from C&C. I'd like it if everybody stopped bringing up starcraft and their great knowledge of game design, which amounts to posts in forums, and just played. This is the I-don't-even-know-which time we had this thread. My answer is always the same. I'd not change a thing. If anyone else wants to change C&C: make a mod. Play.
  5. cn2mc

    Guard towers are ridiculous weak

    In practice though you kind of have two tanks by the time they come. And men.
  6. One question: did the guy(s) who invented chess think of every possible opening and strategy?
  7. cn2mc

    Guard towers are ridiculous weak

    Sorry if it came out as word-twisting. I did not necessarily mean you as a person, it's just a (legitimate) manner of expression. Also, if anything, you yourself did not in any way specify you were the Nod player in your initial post. The sentence 'I focussed fire. But am sure that those guard towers did not. After this. I only lost 1/3th of them. Some where lightly or heavely damaged' does not clear things up either.
  8. cn2mc

    Guard towers are ridiculous weak

    Not firing on the buggy you targeted probably means it went out of range and the tower forgot it. Don't place towers in such a way so that they can be easily swarmed, back them up with men, and you'll find they're actually not bad vs. light vehicles.
  9. cn2mc

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    Not that much of a problem in that case, but a good player will still see them and make it a point to kill them in the most cost-effective way possible. An APC with a few flamers/grenadiers goes for around $1500-1700. You only need to kill 5-6 guys to break even. Otherwise, anti-air deterrence is OK, but sometimes you actually want the choppers to come and not to scare them off.
  10. cn2mc

    Tournament map standards and variables

    I'd say GA, Eye of the Storm, Village of the Unfortunate, Nowhere to Hide are decently balanced even with the random starts. I'm tempted to also put Red Sands in the list, but... reasons.
  11. cn2mc

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    Protip: don't spam rocket men in advance.
  12. cn2mc

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    Second option is better as towers can kill engis quite well, while turrets miss men by a mile and they're more of a buggy deterrent at this stage. Have the barracks/HoN on top of the CY* and pop the gren/flamer when the APC stops to unload. Having it there beforehand will only result in it being crushed, and possibly killing or damaging your own men. * replace at will with whatever exposed target you have for the enemy engi.
  13. cn2mc

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    Grenadiers are for killing the engis and not good at all vs. the APC itself. Use mass minigunners and the occasional bazooka man instead. I've said it in another thread: a helipad builds quick and a heli can damage the APC before it reaches your base. If the map has tight entrances or bridges, a heli can also block the APC. This is all, of course, in a no WF/airstrip scenario. Having buggies and bikes or humvees is certainly better.
  14. A different tool for just editing .bins sounds much more streamlined, yes. Is the .mix thing really needed for anything besides hacking in new tiles? Because the way I see it, if you have a tool that can open and edit template files with simple draw and copy/paste functions, you can just have the corresponding bytes for every tile and store them as a standalone palette or something, or am I wrong? Anyway, this is kind of going off topic. I'll maybe show 'long bridges' later. I'd like to hear ideas for more things to do with maps, because I like this thread.