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  1. Where's the Stock Sound for the Chronosphere?

    I'm pretty sure I've heard chrono sounds in The Philadelphia Experiment from 1984 with Michael Pare. So it must be from an old-ass sound bank, and the movie is pretty much a direct inspiration for the intro and part of the plot.
  2. I'd argue against that. TS has a lot of units that are very rarely used. TD almost has none. True, TS has more units and more combinations, in many (but not all) respects it's a more versatile game with more possible strategies, but are they more viable in an actual toe-to-toe game than the bulk of TD tactics? I'm not convinced, and I've watched plenty of high-level TS vids. The main difference is that the tech tree is a bit more stratified in TS, mostly due to the addition of the tech centre building and the fact that air tech comes after radar. In TD you have that option right off the bat with barracks.
  3. Hehe, have a go then, mr. Friedman.
  4. I'd, like, cut your lists by about 50-60%, and that's if I'm being generous. There's hardly 20 players total, let alone enough for a top 20 list. Let's make it a hundred and then even my grandmas are in, and they're both dead. MrBuggy is by far the most impressive player that I've faced enough times to really gauge. The surest way to spot him (besides him playing like himself, mostly playing classic maps, etc.) is the tiberium growth setting. He turns that off. Even though he namehides, location is still shown too, AU or NZ, somewhere down under. As for history, at one point, a few other older players from wchat popped up at cncnet. Austin was hard on classic maps, weaver can be dangerous with Nod but he seems terribly out of shape.
  5. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    It's most decidedly a Bradley IFV in the cutscenes, and a pixelated tin can ingame. In RA rocket soldiers actually have two different weapons for ground and air targets, with the AA weapon having a faster projectile, longer range, etc.
  6. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    Actually, I didn't say I think GDI was initially supposed to have the flame tech (per concept). I said that from a balance perspective it would've been overkill for them to have the SSM, which is essentially a way for GDI to indirectly fight Nod defences (and bikes). Fun fact: besides being terrible vs. orcas and apaches in the game, the actual real-life MLRS is a strictly ground-to-ground weapons system, not an AA one.
  7. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    Why are multiplayer rules like Nod having the MLRS strange? Multi also has APCs, chem warriors and apaches for Nod, chinooks for both sides, a weaker nuke, commandos... Infact, why do you think balance needs fixing? If anything, these exceptions were obviously made to improve balance and buff Nod. You think GDI is supposed to have the SSM too, am I right? Well, I guarantee you that if they did, Nod would stand no chance in any sort of longer game.
  8. (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Nope, the outcome is you're both silly and immature, in different ways but still managing to complement each other quite well. Even funnier how someone who's supposed to be above it all still gets dragged down. Good job, White, you're grade A troll-food now, and have been for a while, because of the way you react. Change your nick to AchromicWhine.
  9. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    Good idea, low priority, probably not currently possible. Otherwise, consider my remarks a kind of help on your newly-chosen path towards maturity. PS: passive aggression is still aggression.
  10. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    I deal with them easily, but I'll gladly offer my opponent a restart if I see him getting mauled by one, as should any decent player. Of course, if my opponent did get mauled by a visceroid, I'll probably snap him like a twig in 2 minutes flat, even without the help. But that's totally beside the point and a far cry from me taking a side in the childish online rivalry you have with White. You know precisely well what I don't agree with so don't play coy.
  11. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    Didn't read your entire wall of text, Chem, but please stop implying I somehow 'agree' with you about something just to further your very immature arguments with White. This is not the first time you're doing it either. In short: stop putting words or opinions in my mouth. In fact, as I stated, visceroids can be game-breaking and in any actual 'pro' competition I'd like to see them gone, but then I'd also like to see everybody playing at a set resolution, etc. And that's a whole different thread.
  12. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    Like all other AI units, it attacks top left, yes. Since it's a crusher though it will also go out of its way to try and squish men that attack it. That's why grenadiers are the best to take care of it. The incoming grenade triggers the scatter mechanic and the visceroid just gets confused and stumbles around. Same thing you can see with Nod tanks in the GDI campaign when you attack them with grenades. Sure, they can ruin the occasional game, but I don't find them all that troublesome. It's like a 1/100 chance or less that someone gets their first power or CY killed, which is the real blow. They're also kinda like god's way of telling you to build barracks before factory. If people badly want to eliminate the visc-risk, it can be done even without outright stopping them from spawning - change the stats: take away the weapon, make it a non-crusher, give it pathetic health, etc.
  13. Production speeds for structures/units

    Damage is probably pixel related, how exactly, IDK. But also: inaccuracy - tank first shots and shots while moving are not dead on, etc.
  14. Production speeds for structures/units

    The percentage part of the chart makes some sense of it, although I believe it would look better done the other way around, i.e. helipad doesn't build 500% more quickly but at 20% of the time it theoretically should. Adding columns with more unit stats, especially the unknown variables from Nyer's .inis might also result in a correlation, perhaps? (I could do that too, but can't really bring myself up to it on a weekend.)
  15. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    No unit stats were changed in CnCNet besides the speed of the cargo plane, so, the game's right. The only official balance patch ever done to C&C AFAIK was upping the cost of the turret to $600. That was done very early for the DOS version, before C&C Gold came out, I think. Everything else WW patched was bug-fixes and exploits. Such errors can occur when manuals are printed before the game is completely finished and itself ready for the presses. I even have memories of reading a story about a specific case like this, but I can't remember if it was for C&C or Civilization I, which is notorious for the errors and omissions in its manual.