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  1. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    No real testing, but I don't think it needs it. Here it is: teardrop.ini teardrop.bin
  2. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    Will release after sufficient hype. I almost let it loose a night or two ago but the other guy demanded me to choose a bigger map, so he got pummeled on Bushlands and missed the golden opportunity to be patient zero. It's really my take on the square-cube law, C&C style, and also a proof-of-concept thing. If it turns out to work OK, similar designs can be implemented in larger maps or parts thereof. After all, this has less than half the square count a full 62x62 map has.
  3. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    43x43, IIRC. The entire idea behind it is cramming more fighting space in less actual map space, without making the map an impossible to navigate maze or a wide open wasteland.
  4. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    I knew I should've made the spermatozoa tails longer...
  5. I only play, and map for, and fiddle with the first C&C so this post isn't really in my domain, but I still feel the urge to congratulate you on your decision. OpenRA is a massive undertaking worthy of respect. It is also a massive abomination as far as the C&C name and spirit are concerned. The more people realize this the better.
  6. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    It is intended as an exercise in minimalism.
  7. cn2mc

    (cn2) Teardrop

    Such a dolt that chem. How can you know if it's a unique playing experience? Literally nobody has played the map, I only posted a pic.
  8. The nuke and ion cannon can be combined with flyers and other attacks to pretty much the same effect. I really don't see an issue with having a single plane airstrike available every couple of minutes and being forced to keep your comm. centre up and running to have it. But I'll also say this again: I'm against all changes that are not bug or issue fixes, so there you go. Map specific mods? Sure, when we can eventually do that.
  9. Eh, one or maybe even two planes should be OK, I wouldn't call that insane. You can also move men and light units out if you get a warning like you get for the nuke. I'm pretty sure there's even a recorded EVA line in the .mix files for incoming planes that is never used.
  10. That doesn't work with TD as it does with RA. It's very possible in theory, but the implementation of working .ini rules in TD is not so certain, and it's certainly not happening soon. 99% of the discussions in topics such as this one are on an 'in theory only' basis. You can scout what you need to scout with helis by leapfrogging too. And also there's the bug where you get to see part of the opposite edge of the map when you build too close to yours. Only works horizontally, I think. The point I wanted to make but actually didn't is that you can move your AA as the air attack comes, or you can just place your AA a square or two away from the important buildings and not right beside them. That way, if they didn't get initially scouted you can keep them hidden.
  11. The A-10 doesn't scout. Enemy units firing at it from the ground reveal the terrain.
  12. Plane units in C&C cannot land like helicopters, and modding the A-10 to be a heli screws up the way it throws bombs. So, no. You can't have it as a unit. Potentially an airstrike, activated like the nuke or ion cannon, might be possible to hack in. If sometime someone does that, I'd say 1 plane. Maxed out airstrikes with 3 planes, as White says, are kind of overkill, because they can blow up a CY and neither the nuke or ion canon can do that in multi.
  13. GDI: 1 - humvees, 2 - tanks, 3 - men, 4 - orcas, 5 - chinook/apc, 6 - cargo. Possibly another team for defensive infantry (I've got q set to a team instead of 0). Sometimes both 2 and 3 will be tanks and men, sometimes I'll attach APCs to 1. It varies. Nod: 1 - buggies, 2 - bikes, 3 - tanks and/or men, 4, 5, 6 - as above, probably, I rarely play Nod. I set special teams for scouting stealths. Each gets its own team if they're not moving together.
  14. cn2mc

    WIP - TD Beta Bridge

    Nice. The road markings on the original pic look thicker though, and at 1 pixel yours kind of screw with the details of the rest of the bridge, which are awesomely done. If making them thicker doesn't work, you can always get rid of the markings altogether. Kilk, I'm 100% sure the A-10 has been done years ago, probably by Nyer.