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A China's Tournament


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Dear All:

    Here is a china's Yuri's Revenge Tournament. If any of you are interested in it, you can reply me here, or message me in discord or  CNCnet's lobby(my nick is Linfeng), or email me via [email protected]. I can help enroll the tournament, contact the organizers and install the relevant software.  BTW, the organizer is T99/CsOH. Maybe you can discuss with him whether it's feasible to play it on CnCNet

Here is the link:(though i know you can't read it @_@):   The tournament enrollment Link

prize(this will increase if more donation is acquired ) 1st: 130$ 2nd: 60$, 3rd: 30$.

Ofc, the most welcome thing is donation, we appreciate it if any one donates.

Oh, if you are not interested in it, please shut your mouth up and don't make unfriendly comment here.

 Thank you.


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All are unclear so far, but i believe that will be held in July-August.  For the rules, i don't know whether yuri will be allowed(most likely yes). Very likely dog engi kill and engi building would be disabled, while alt buildings is legal in game. Maps, i don't know whether there would be a map pool, this will depend on the players participating 

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