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new update kills my con


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hello there , few day in this month i get bad massanges  from server  in lobby. i m go in with a surfstick i l never had any probs like these. my connec is wonderful over 80 % games are played the other was nothing. When join lobby is 1 min full connnec and then  he kick me out with no connection.

yesterday was all perfect and now i will but i can´t . plz help fast



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yo m8 , i´ve read all posts but i cant fill my brain with them, this is the same probs when u join sometimes u cant chose country color anf side, no one give an answer. i´ll never had these probs just since 2-3 weeks,  and when the server kik me and relogin then is it for example : BlastUall_ and next login BlastUall__ and agoo while im online i was never online when the massage come. im not the only with this.

an another try was to change my nicks after 3 times i cant login or same error


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