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Two China's RA2 servers


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Hi all:

      So far, there have been some players in CnCnet and XWIS community participate in the China's King of Heck tournament. I appreciate your participate hope more to join. If everything goes well, there will be more tournaments, not just king heck, in China in the future. China's RA2 community  welcomes and expect more players to join. Here I will introduce two main platforms that Chinese ra2 players play on:

QQ BattleZone:

    (1)  Download RA2

        This is a RA2 original-only platform. So you need the XWIS version of RA2 to play on this server. You should download Red Alert 2 from this link: XWIS downloads

   (2) Install QQ and Get a QQ account

        You need a qq account to play on this QQ owned platform. 

       You can download QQ from its website: QQ software center. The first big penguin icon is QQ downloading link

  posted image

    You can then install QQ, but remember Customize the path before it:

posted image

   After installation, you can sign up a new account by clicking the link on bottom left.

(3) Install QQ BattleZone

You can download the installation file here :  QQ Battle Zone. Download it by clicking the icon below:

posted image






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