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ORA-crush....i give up...


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As a lot of you know my Grandson is learning to play Redalert….hes not able to Q well yet but hes turning out to be a pretty good builder.

so today he joins a game and crush comes in, the game starts and Crush isn't playing serious, thinking hes against a couple of noobs, which he was, crush is playing for fun and im making a couple calls and watching.

my grandson plays as well as he can and him and his teammate get the better of crush, but as I said if crush played properly he would have won pretty quickly...then he decided to send  this load of crap


(9) [17:37] ORA-Crush | Idle: 31seconds | Online Since: 2018/08/09 17:05
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> well playewd
(9) [17:38] <tinkerbell> gg crush i enjoyed watching that glad u gave my grandson a chance
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> but i literally didnt play seriously first 20 mins
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> have to be honest
(9) [17:38] <tinkerbell> im glad my grandson was playing
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> lol
(9) [17:38] <tinkerbell> hes only learning
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> i wasnt playing seriously
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> doing tanyas in 1 chinook
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> on 1 cy
(9) [17:38] <tinkerbell> i saw tht
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> naders
(9) [17:38] <ORA-Crush> i dont know why orange left for no reason
(9) [17:39] <tinkerbell> he lsot zll his tanks
(9) [17:39] <ORA-Crush> this conversation is over
(9) [17:39] <ORA-Crush> wasnt a serious game
(9) [17:39] <tinkerbell> my grandsons buzzing right now
(9) [17:39] <tinkerbell> was to my grandson :)
(9) [17:48] <ORA-Crush> i am not daft
(9) [17:48] <ORA-Crush> that was you playing
(9) [17:48] <ORA-Crush> but literally i go chinooks and tanyas on 1 cy
(9) [17:48] <ORA-Crush> for 20 min
(9) [17:48] <ORA-Crush> because i saw was weak opponent
(9) [17:48] <ORA-Crush> i can win that game in 3 mins if i want to and you know it
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> and also i would win you 100/100 1v1 sucky
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> we can 1v1 anytime proper game
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> and you dont last 5 mins
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> you are deluded if you think that was me playing seriously
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> tanyas in chinoosk and mammoth tanks on ore map?
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> dont talk to me as if we are friends. because we are not. i dont like yo uat all.
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> i really dislike you and your personality
(9) [17:49] <ORA-Crush> i wish id jsut played normal and won in 3 min then you wouldnt get so cocky
(9) [17:50] <ORA-Crush> didnt realise it was someone hiding
(9) [17:50] <ORA-Crush> i only started playing when my partner left and it was 1v2
(9) [17:50] <ORA-Crush> by that time too late as im on 1 cy and no ore coz messing around
(9) [19:25] <tinkerbell> are you deluded...you played my 8 yr old grandson, if you bothered to read what i said..i said gg and thanks for not playing serious against an 8 yr old, i unmuted you to give you a chance, clearly you havent learnt not to be a retard, so i guess its back to being muted

now clearly I said at the start thanks for not going serious on an 8 yr old learning ra....then he comes out with this crap, I tried to unmute this idiot but if this is the sum of his parts im happy to mute him again, in all honesty the worlds a better place without this fat little Scottish troll

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