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New Question - Easy AI attacking immediately, too fast to do anything


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Ok so forgive, I'm a newb but I looked around a few minutes for this answer and can't figure out my issue.


I can post a screenshot - but basically I loaded up a Custom game online with Fastest FPS, just one Easy AI (not Brutal AI selected), on a large map. Within seconds, the AI is at my base and destroys me. I literally don't have enough hands to counter this - it must be some sort of glitch? Am I doing something wrong in the set-up?

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That's because if you're the only human player, it's considered an offline game. There's no latency delays or opposing systems with delay either. Offline games at the highest setting with modern computers is obscenely fast. You'll have to turn the game speed down a bit if you play against computers only.

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Yeah make it two notches lower from max i.e. gamespeed "4". There are some maps like "Turf War" where you can hide behind your allies (so make some Medium allies: Korea, Germany !) & the Team Continents random maps where you gain an edge since Easy Enemy rarely builds a navy, start with those, till you feel confident. Otherwise make Battle Bunkers garrisoned with Conscripts if you are getting attacked early on... In Team Continents maps, just build 16 Harriers & cripple their Construction Yard + War Factory, Barracks. Also pick Russia as the enemy because their specialty is useless. Heh. "Army of The Potomac" (Oil derricks) & "Alaskan Oil Spill" are also good maps for novices.

P.S: Don't make Pillboxes, just make Prism Towers...

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