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  1. Not even close. The game has a wide variety of units with different stats and functions. If anything, the game suffers from several units not being used at all due to their niche not being viable or efficient. Also, Soviets have problems with mirages? Since when? Soviets always cream allies in QM with their broken units such as desolators and iron curtain. If the allies even make it to tier 3.
  2. Someone that knows! I think you are not realizing that part of the reason IC is so op is because of the nuke power. Nuke power is stupidly op, it compounds the power of IC due to its power.
  3. If you guys want balance and good game design, just play warcraft 3. 😃
  4. The other thing is that this is a mod map. It could also be rigged by the map itself rather than using cheat tools.
  5. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. The point of quick match was to get into a match quick. Not that the match itself would be quick. Sometimes they can be, sometimes not.
  7. @fireghoul you're opening up the can of worms. Nobody agrees on balance to change the game. Nor what kind of game setting to play. Soviet is strong already with Superweapons gameplay. Without Superweapons, soviet is weaker than the other two, yes. The game will never be changed by cncnet since there's no agreement, but many people have modded it themselves using maps. Like the one I made. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3201-mx-mod-maps/
  8. Brutes are support units for masterminds, gats and mags. You usually just use the genetic mutator to make them and basically can use them as a meat shield for the rest of your army that can't be ignored because the brutes themselves do a lot of damage if you don't kill them right away. @XGalaxyZ
  9. @Banafrit best bet is to play ranked games. Or host your own games. Because a lot of noobies out there don't like dealing with the Yuri faction.
  10. Yr balance better in sw meta. It's imbalanced without sw. Ra2 balance pretty similar to yr, but ra2 is more basic for my taste. Dealing with forts and Yuri units causes more caution from sov players rather then face rolling
  11. Nah, Soviets can win without the ic, but you can't let the game drag on. Sandwich the bf, or use chops to redirect fire temporarily.
  12. Sure sure Andy, make all the opinions you want. My position is firm. I want $1000 up front for my time. QM doesn't need shit talk to make it facetious, the history demonstrated it already.
  13. Lol this post. Full of straw man and no logical correlation. Wasting my time on qm for $120 l0l Pay me $1000 for my time, then I'll accept your challenge. Even though it's just a straw man with no correlation to the original point. Edd already demonstrated you can't defend the abuse.
  14. That's because everyone uses the discords instead. It has a phone app so it's easier access.
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