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Avast Antivir deletes clientdx.exe


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My Avast Antivir is deleting clientdx.exe all the time, i noticed it just today... before that i thought there was some issue with the installation and i re-installed CnCNet each time it was no longer starting...

Is it possible to remove this "IDP.Generic" Threat? I assume there are many people who don´t know why the game is no longer starting and just stop playing...



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Avast is owned by AVG now —& it sucks —but AVG sucks more. Some Monopoly game file got sent to the Chest, & when I looked up how to restore it, they said they haven't added that feature yet. -sheesh- Also some other people claiming to have crucial files in their Chest was told to e-mail AVG & they'd send it to them, so they're biased. Once before Avast messed up my boot record but it seems better now. Make sure you disable PuPs' looks like that's what's being flagged.

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