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Old build of Red Alert 2


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HI! I remember having some weird old version of Red Alert 2 when I was a kid. I don't know where it came from, but I think it might have been pre-release version.

I'm trying to find something about it, but I barely find anything. Maybe some of you here will know what I'm talking about?

Here's what I remember about it:

There was a soviet landing pad that could hold a single bomber. It looked something like this: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Unnamed_Aircraft_(Red_Alert_2)

It was stronger than 4 Harriers. IRC it could bring down most of the buildings alone with a single strike.

There was soviet tank... sort of. It looked similar to this: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Unnamed_Vehicle_(Red_Alert_2).

I think there was a limit to how many you could have. It was 5 or 3. It could attack both ground and air units. It launched about 6 missiles at once and they had very good damage. The tank itself had low health, but after getting max rank it's damage was becoming crazy strong. Every missile's explosion looked like Crazy Ivan's bombs. I loved playing with them.

I think there were 3 different kinds of drones, but I'm not sure, I never used them.
At one of the first missions in Allied campaign there's this building that controls minds of president of USA and the rest. That building was available in skirmish. You could enter it with infantry unit and it would come out with the highest rank. If you had a Cloning Vat then it would also clone him (without rank), so you could use one unit to make infinite army of highest rank troops. I loved to create armies of Tesla troopers. I remember 3 Tesla troopers were enough to defeat easy enemy :)

I don't remember anything interesting about Allied forces.

I remember there was only Free For All mode in skirmish and I think bots wouldn't attack each other.

IRC there was a checkbox to allow super weapons, but you couldn't select it.

Crates often had bombs in them and also appeared in water.

All those things were overpowered and likely removed bacause of it, but they were fun, at least for a kid.

Tell me if you know what it was and if you know how to get it. I don't think I have it anywhere anymore :(

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I remembered few more things. There was a bug that made loading screen have weird colors. Like if it was made into 16 color palette or something.

Also list of the available structures to be built didn't finish after last structure. Remaining spaces were filled with random buildings from earlier points of the list.

Allies had chrono tank unit, which was pretty much the same thing as chrono legionnaire.

I've also looked through mods' screenshots and I recognized Missile Bay structure. I must have seen it there, but I don't remember what it does.

I digged through my old hard discs but didn't find it. There doesn't seem to be anything on the internet too :(

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