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  1. How are you supposed to know which map is a survival map from the others? I just have a huge long list of maps now
  2. Right, and where exactly did you get this copy of Red Alert 2?
  3. I understand the custom maps. But I did encounter someone who was able to almost instantly recharge paradrops in a 'battle' map. Regarding the spy with lots of health, it was a 'standard' map, again but I was hosting and it is a map I often play without any issues. Something funny is going on that goes beyond modified maps.
  4. User by the name Mixo appeared to be cheating in a game I hosted. His spy had a lot of hit points, taking a lot of hits from several conscripts and flak tracks, but was still able to waltz into a building and steal tech. How are cheaters able to pull this off? Is it a simple case of modifying the rules text file??? It's frustrating to no end. Especially when other players are regenerating paradrops almost instantly or spawn large groups naval units seconds after building a shipyard.
  5. I get this error with pretty much every single player. I know everyone out there isn't a cheater and neither am I. Me and my friend get the same error when we do a private match vs each other. Could it be anything to do with a NO-CD crack and using downloaded music files?
  6. Hi there, I don't have any evidence unfortunately and not sure how to approach this. But there is a user by the name Julio who is able to recharge paradrops extremely quickly as USA. We played 2v2 in map "City under Siege" which has no airbase. Can someone recommend the best way to catch cheaters? I could record my games, but hard drive space is somewhat limited. Thanks.
  7. Wow he looked way too young, that's really sad. What happened if you don't mind me asking? RIP
  8. .yrm maps are not showing up in game lobby for either skirmish or online. I have to manually rename the file to .map in order for it to show up. Is there any reason for this? Also will this potentially cause problems? Thanks
  9. Just did several hours worth of games at 45fps with a friend. Ran beautifully despite the long distance. I would have preferred 30fps but my friend insisted 45, ha!
  10. That's quite interesting, didn't hear about that before. Although bear in mind, setting the game to the fastest speed back then would be a far cry from the speeds we see today. CPU's were quite slow. I remember playing RA1 on fastest speed on an 88mhz CPU, and again, RA2 at fastest on a 1Ghz CPU. Definitely wasn't that fast! I highly doubt multiplayer was designed to be played at the speeds we're seeing now, simply because there weren't any computers that could pull it off. I've been lucky so far. Currently living in Thailand and playing with my pals back in Europe. Lag hasn't been too bad. Is this because of the CnCnet servers, or poor netcode within the game itself? I remember playing on a 56k modem back in 2002, thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore! Games back then were too slow, even for me!
  11. I've noticed that most players are opting for the highest game speed in CnC games. I cannot think of a logical reason why. There must be some psychological reason, where by impulse, people perceive higher as better. It just seems strange to play this game with ore trucks going as fast as sports cars, and Kirov airships dashing like aeroplanes. I'd wager that if there was an option for an even higher speed, like 100 FPS, most people would blindly pick it. This is certainly the case with Red Alert 1. Some of the videos are just insane, with tanks flying across the map within seconds. Tank battles are almost like watching videos of ants in a colony, sped up several times. This was not how the game was intended. But for many people, faster = better. I appreciate I am in the minority here, but was wondering if there's at least a few who agree? I do quite enjoy the in-game animations at a normal speeds (Fast 30fps?) - it certainly adds the immersion! There's lots of cool little details, like tanks having to accelerate and speed up when given an order to go somewhere - things like this are missed on fastest game speeds.
  12. It wasn't that map - my original post referred to it as the 'crazy civilians' map. I do find that map amusing though (unless my base is in the bottom left corner lol) The map I'm on about was with original Red Alert with no updates/ patches or expansion packs. The map was a snow one too.
  13. I'm pretty sure it was real. I remember being shocked at the time but just assumed it was an easter egg. I've just not been able to come across it again. I might have to find my original Red Alert disc and see if it's on there.
  14. It couldn't have been a custom map, I had no means of obtaining any back then. Regarding the music, I'm just going to go with maybe it was the music CD. Seems logical, though I don't know why I'd swap CDs during the game, especially since I had no crack and ejecting the game CD would cause the game to crash. But music aside, that map is what's really bothering me!
  15. Hi everyone, this has been driving me crazy for years. In the 1990s, I had the original Red Alert (no expansion pack, also no patches - I had no internet then). One time I played a skirmish game, and in the middle of the map was an army that had no base and would not move/ explore. They'd attack anything that came near them though. They weren't one of the AI players (they were an extra team that should not have been there). Over the last few years I've tried to find this map again, literally playing through the entire list of maps. It wasn't the lunar map or the one with crazy civilians (those are counterstrike and aftermath maps anyway) Now I'm starting to doubt my sanity and wondering if this map ever existed or was just a fixture of my imagination. Has anyone else come across it? Lots of weird things would happen in that game. I once heard the 'Surf No Mercy' track when playing a skirmish game once back then, not knowing what the hell it was. Again, I did not have any expansion packs then. I had a special edition box that came with a shirt and music CD, if that means anything. Anyone?
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