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[Freeware] [FPS] Hades 2


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Hades 2 is a pretty obscure FPS from a Brazilian studio, Espaco Informatica, which was released somewhere around 1999-2000. In 2009, the developers have released it for free to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game.


Essentially, it's a 2.5D FPS with high-res sprites, digitized actors (dev team members actually :)) and a sci-fi/horror theme, and a very dynamic interactive world. Also, it has reminded me of the Marathon games a bit. The game was obviously quite dated already when it was released, so it is no wonder it had gone largely unnoticed (although it is said to have been quite popular in its home country). However, it has an excellent retro look to it, and it has an overall good, quality design.

Hades 2 gameplay video at YouTube

Hades 2 Wikipedia article

Hades 2 official  site

Hades 2 screenshots

Hades 2 official full download

Download Hades 2 Demo

Download Hades 2 Demo video add-on

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wow! impressive! a brazilian game right here!.


Well, why everybody commits the same mistakes? THERE'S NO SOUND ON SPACE! :ranting:


This game looks like a combination of Duke Nukem 3D, 007 Goldeneye64, Doom, and StarFox!  O_o

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