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Tiberian Alert v3.0 Patch Notes


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  • Special Weapons
    - Chronosphere has been added.
    - Chronosphere does not kill cargo within an APC.
    - Iron Curtain has been added.
    - Nuclear Missile cooldown has been reduced by 50%.
  • Warheads
    - SA warhead damage reduction against 'none' armor type (100% -> 85%).
    - HE warhead damage reduction against 'none' armor type (90% -> 65%).
    - AP warhead spread reduced from 4 to 3, as well as a damage reduction against 'none' armor type (75% -> 45%).
    - Fire warhead damage reduction against 'none' armor type (90% -> 65%), as well as a damage reduction against 'concrete' armor type (50% -> 30%).


  • Silo
    Storage capacity increased to 1000 from 350.
  • Refinery
    Cost reduced to $1000.
    Storage capacity increased to 1000 from 0.
  • Radar Dome
    Is now a tech structure for heavily armored vehicles (tanks, etc).
    Now costs $4000.


  • Minigunner
    Cost reduced to $50.
  • Rocket Soldier
    Cost reduced to $150.
    HP increased to 75 from 50.
  • Mechanic
    Cost increased to $1000.
    Heal range increased to 6.
  • Engineer
    Cost reduced to $250.
  • Medic
    Heal range increased to 6.


  • MLRS
    Damage reduced to 35.
    ROF increased.
    Fires in a burst of 2.
  • Harvester
    Speed decreased to 7.
    Cost reduced to $1000.
  • Transport Helicopter
    Cost reduced to $250 from $1500.
  • Ranger
    Buggy removed for consistency between factions. Still the same unit, just vanilla RA graphics.
    Cost increased to $500.
    Damage increased to 20.
    Increased range to 5.


No changes were made.



  • Chronosphere
    Now available for Corps.
    Is available after completion of a Bio-lab.
    Once built, Chrono Tanks become available for production.
    Costs $5000.
    Cooldown is 4.
    Grants superweapon of: teleportation


  • Flamethrower
    Cost reduced to $125.
    HP reduced to 50.
  • Shock Trooper
    HP decreased from 350 to 75.
    Cost decreased from $500 to $250.
    Damage decreased from 100 to 50.


  • Chrono Tank
    New unit, requires the Chronosphere to be built.
    HP: 500
    Speed: 2
    Cost: $2000
    Armor type: concrete
    Special ability: can teleport anywhere on the map with vision
    Special ability cooldown: 1
    Weapon: Stinger, fires 2 laser-guided missiles
  • V2 Rocket Launcher
    Speed decreased from 4 to 2.
  • Yak Strider
    Now fires an AOE fire warhead, rather than its original anti-tank missiles.
  • Flame Tank
    Speed decreased from 5 to 4.
    Now has 'concrete' armor type.
  • Rocket Tank
    Now requires the Radar Dome.
    Armor type changed from 'light' to 'heavy'.
    Speed decreased from 10 to 6.
  • Light Tank
    Now requires the Radar Dome.
  • Tesla Tank
    Speed decreased from 4 to 2.
    Damage decreased to 125.
    Range decreased to 5.
    Cost increased to $2000.
  • Stealth Tank
    Returned to the Corps. Can be produced after completion of a Radar Dome.


No changes were made.




  • Iron Curtain
    New structure, can be built after Bio-lab.
    Grants superweapon of: invincibility
    Strong in conjunction with MAD Tanks.
    Cost: $2500
    Cooldown: 2


  • Grenadier
    Cost reduced to $100.


  • Medium Tank
    Now requires the Radar Dome.
    Speed decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Mammoth Tank
    Now fires HE missiles against infantry and aircraft as its secondary attack.
    HP increased from 950 to 1000.
  • Artillery
    Speed decreased from 4 to 2.
  • Nuclear Mine Layer
    Cost increased from $1000 to $2000.
    Now carries 5 mines.
  • Nuclear Demo Truck
    Speed increased to 10.
    Armor type is now 'concrete'.
    HP increased to 750.
    Cost increased to $1750.
  • MiG Bomber
    Now fires armor-piercing missiles, rather than its original fire AOE attack.
  • MAD Tank
    Talon now has access to the MAD Tank after the Bio-lab is complete.
    Takes 51% of the HP of all units within a radius of 20 cells.
    Good in conjunction with an Iron Curtain.



No changes were made.

Bug Fixes


Known Bugs


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