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Dune Legacy v0.96.2 released


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Dune Legacy v0.96.2 has been released yesterday. The big news is that multiplayer over LAN and Internet has been added, which makes the new version the first release of this branch of the project to support multiplayer. The full list of features is as follows:

  • Added LAN multiplayer mode
  • Internet multiplayer mode with metaserver (Beta!)
  • Use scale2x for scaling
  • Make game scalable ingame (Zoomlevel x1, Zoomlevel x2 and Zoomlevel x3)
  • Add mentat help
  • Scroll build list with mouse wheel
  • Loading maps is more fault tolerant and shows only warnings in most cases
  • Loading maps now checks for non-standard features (see Section "Features" in the Dune II Format Specification)
  • Confirm window for game restart and game exit
  • Added 13 maps by Rippsblack
  • New options "Structures Degrade On Concrete", "Start with Explored Map" and "Instant Build"
  • Earthquake ("Window shaking") on large explosions (e.g. death hand explosion)
  • French translation (incomplete and only a machine translation)
  • Bugfix: Loading SCENH008.INI of Dune II V1.0 failed
  • Bugfix: Dune Legacy.log was not used on Windows
  • Bugfix: Support non-ascii characters in paths and filenames on Windows
  • Bugfix: Infantry units could not trigger spice blooms
  • Bugfix: When playing as the Sardaukar, the announcer still says "Harkonnen", e.g. "Harkonnen harvester deployed"
  • Bugfix: Sardaukar Reinforcements did not work
  • Refactoring: Drop Visual Studio 6.0 support completely and start using C++0x features


Dune Legacy v0.96.2 Download Page

Supported platforms are Ubuntu / Debian, Fedora / Mandriva / SuSE, Gentoo, Windows, Mac OS X and MorphOS.

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