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Help with RA Rules/Aftrmth.ini edits


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Recently, I've been using TibEd (I know, bad idea...) to make quick edits to RA's rules, so I can create quick mods to entertain myself with.


However, I'm constantly running into an irritating glitch: it appears that NONE of the graphics or strings from the aftermath are being read. If I train a shock trooper, for example, he is invisible. The sidebar cameos also aren't appearing, and the wrong string is printed upon putting the cursor over them. If the missing cameos are displayed for too long, RA crashes.

Any idea what might cause this (other than using TibEd)?

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These days TibEd pointless. I think I could code basic RA-1 in my sleep in notepad.


Anyway what RA-1 do you have? CD, RA+ or RA TFD? What version do you have? It is listed at the main screen below Exit Game. It sound like you have RA-1 with The Aftermath enabled but have none of the needed files for it.


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Odd... I recreated the mod with notepad++ without problems. It would still be nice to know what could cause this problem, in case I run into it without TibEd's involvement.


Anyway, I have RA+ 3.03. I'm certain the Aftermath files exist, because I can use them now (and with unmodded RA).

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