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  1. A unit can't obtain the same veteran bonus more than once; that is, putting the same bonus in both VeteranAbilities and EliteAbilities won't make it stack. In this case, what you could do is give the unit an elite weapon (Elite=weaponname) which is stronger.
  2. But then a humvee shows up and kills him right before an airstrike!
  3. I tried playing this a few days ago, and I like it. Only problem is that the A-10 Airstrikes are too brutal. They almost always destroy your harvesters if you try getting the northern tiberium and are virtually impossible to truly counter. Because of this, I haven't been able to complete the mission. >.<
  4. I was bored, so I made a TD multiplayer map for the first time.. I hope I managed to make it balanced without it being too symmetrical. I feel like the bottom-right player is at a slight disadvantage, but there's nothing I can do about it now without completely redoing the terrain. scm100ea.zip
  5. I made a new Rules.ini, Aftrmath.ini, and mplayer.ini. I didn't need to reinstall.
  6. Odd... I recreated the mod with notepad++ without problems. It would still be nice to know what could cause this problem, in case I run into it without TibEd's involvement. Anyway, I have RA+ 3.03. I'm certain the Aftermath files exist, because I can use them now (and with unmodded RA).
  7. Recently, I've been using TibEd (I know, bad idea...) to make quick edits to RA's rules, so I can create quick mods to entertain myself with. However, I'm constantly running into an irritating glitch: it appears that NONE of the graphics or strings from the aftermath are being read. If I train a shock trooper, for example, he is invisible. The sidebar cameos also aren't appearing, and the wrong string is printed upon putting the cursor over them. If the missing cameos are displayed for too long, RA crashes. Any idea what might cause this (other than using TibEd)?
  8. Which is exactly what I'm doing... Maybe the movement commands of the teams are bugged...
  9. Bah, new problem. The AI is building the right units, but does nothing with them. Do I need to manually tell them to create the teams via map triggers? (never had to do that in C&C IIRC)
  10. Heh, the only reason I didn't attach it to the post is because I find the attachment system very confusing... Anyway, I'm working on an update for this map to make it an actual challenge. Right now the only hard part is figuring out how to penetrate the GDI defensive.
  11. My only reaction is... wtf... O_o
  12. Just when I think everything works properly, something goes wrong. :ranting: For no obvious reason, the allied faction in my map is building soviet units. I've set the IQ to 5, and it's still building the units I've set it to via triggers (though I guess they're being blocked by the production of other units). Oh yeah, it builds structures which I never told it to. These are the only things stopping me from officially releasing it. Things I think I might have done wrong: -Allied house = GoodGuy (couldn't find another house with a blue remap besides the MultiX houses) Turns out the right house is Greece... -GoodGuy IQ = 5 [Edit] Turns out it was this, but it still doesn't explain why they were building sviet units...[/edit] Map: scu01ea.zip
  13. A fairly decent mission I made about a year ago. It's not too hard, and has a stupid crate-filled corner. I'm planning on editing it later to make it tougher. Briefing: Several of our commanders have been captured by GDI and are being held in a detention center. We must not allow them to be interrogated. A large task force has been sent at your disposal. Kane wishes that the prison, GDI base, and the nearby town be obliterated. [could have been more interesting ] Pics: The gauntlet. Starting units. Area near my base. Civillian town. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?dsb3yv0bmnb1le8 Edit: removed unneeded attachments
  14. I use the same sort of tactic, but I generally use turrets without any obelisks. Much better in case I run out of power. That nuke sure is handy...
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