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Boggle04's Winter Canyons Connie Wars


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Boggle04's Winter Canyons Connie Wars

Players: 2-4
Money on Map:
Game Types:
Standard, Megawealth, Teamgame

Map Size W x H:

Buildings on Map:
Oil Derricks
Tech Power Plants
Army Tents

This Battle will be fought with:
Conscripts-Unlimited Builds
Flak Troopers-Limited Builds
Dogs-Limited Builds
Spies, Engineers

Special Interest:
Special Unit Bus for Transportation
White Trucks Loaded with Crates if Turned On
Flak Truck, Miners are unarmed and can not crush infantry units
Special tents:
Click Repairable, Produce Cash of 2000, have Hidden Secret Technology Such as Tech Machine Shop, Tech Civilian Hospital, Radar, Spy Satelite, Paradrop

Download Link:

Boggle04's Winter Canyons Connie Wars.zip

Boggle04's Winter Canyons Connie Wars.jpg

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