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Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor LIV


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Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor LIV

Money on map:

AI- Position 1 Allied (Optional if you want you can go with your choice)
AI- Position 2 France (Optional if you want you can go with your choice)
AI- Position 3 Random (Optional if you want you can go with your choice)
AI- Position 4 Soviet (Optional if you want you can go with your choice)
AI- Position 5 Yuri (Optional if you want you can go with your choice)
Human- Position 6
Human- Position 7
Human- Position 8

Humans Start 6,7,8 Vs Brutal Comps 1,2,3,4,5
You must use all 5 enemy bases or you will get Fatal Error when triggers call for teams.

Game Mode:
Team Game

Map Size
130 x 130

About this map:
This was the first Survival map I actually made. I was really bored playing the Wave type maps with a 1000 of the same units as so many are. I came up with this idea.
The AI will automatically own everything on the map. It is your choice to Spy, Capture, or Destroy.
The AI will each have an American Airforce Command and a Tech Airport so they each have 2 paradrops.
There is no timer on these maps you must build your base while defending it and assemble an army to Destroy or Capture all AI Controlled buildings on the map.
The  AI teams will attack from 360 degrees around your bases, the attacks will come as multiple teams with multiple units, I recommend that you guard all entrances to the cliff.
Human Bases start with 5 Mirage Tanks , 1 IFV, 1 Flaktruck, 2 Seals, 2 Dogs, 1 T-Rex

I recommend playing Short Game.
I have played this enough times to know that the AI will on their own if you leave them hang around build new MCV's and start rebuilding the base in various locations on the map.
I've even seen them pick up crates to do so. I as a rule always play short game for this reason, triggers will continue to fire for a base that has been beat, while trying to kill off all naval units.
I normally use Allied so I can build Spies as money can cause your downfall here.
Normally a good move is to destroy the bridge crossing behind the bases.

Special Notes:
Special Unit in Crate
Hornet Launcher
Crates will automatically launch at specified times and Way Points Providing -
Units, Base Health, Promotions, & Cash
Crates will only give Soviet MCV, (NO Allied or Yuri if this helps you chose a team to play with.)

Buildings on map
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airports, Tech Machine Shops
Tech Secret Laboratories
Tech Civilian Hospitals
Allied Barrack
Soviet Barracks
Yuri Barracks
Allied War Factory
Soviet War Factory
Yuri War Factory
Allied Shipyard
Soviet Shipyard
Yuri Shipyard
American Airforce Command Center
Red Square Bunkers- They will give you extra cash if you garrison them.


Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor LIV.jpg

Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor LIV.map

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Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor 1.0

Players: 2/3 vs 6/5
Comps positions 1-2-3-4-5- 6 is optional either Comp Teamed with Comps, Human Teamed with Humans
Humans 7-8, 6 is optional see above

Money on Map:

Map size:
105 x 107

Buildings on Map:
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airports
American Airforce Command Headquarters
Base Support Power Plants
Grand Cannons
Gattling Cannons
Gap Generator

Special Notes:
Base 6 is open to be Comp brutal, or a Human teamate, Base 6 will be invaded from both sides as the AI uses the lower lands for staging.
Cloning Vault can be built by any team,
I always play CSS maps with Crates on, the White trucks are loaded with Crates
Every team will have American Paradrop on map
Play just like a war the comps will,

Good Luck, Have Fun!


Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor 1.0.jpg

Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor 1.0.map

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