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Boggle04's Gold Rush 2.3 Allied - Yuri


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Boggle04's Gold Rush 2.3 Allied - Yuri

Players 2-4
Money on Map:
Game Types:
Standard, Teamgame

Map Size W x H:

Buildings on Map:
Tech Airport
Tech Machine Shop
Tech Power Plants
Gap Generators
Patriot Missile Sites
Sentry Guns

Game Involves:
6 Islands on map no real use for a Navy Each Island can hold 1 base, except the center Island where you will have to battle for the gold, the sixth Island has the Tech Buildings.

Special Interest:
Gap Generators Capturable Requires Engineer
Patriot Missile Sites Capturable Requires Engineer
Allied Bases x2
Yuri Bases x2

There is no Tech to this map you line up and fight for the gold.
Take out your enemy you win.

Download Link:

Boggle04's Gold Rush 2.3 Allied - Yuri.map

Boggle04's Gold Rush 2.3 Allied - Yuri.jpg

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