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Boggle04's San Carlos Islands Battle


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Boggle04's San Carlos Islands Battle

2 to 6
Game Modes:
Standard, Navalwar, Nukewar, Teamgame
Money On Map:
Map Size:

Ideally if you were to play a FFA on this map Teams 1 & 2 share 1 large island creates a natural war as does Teams 3 & 4, Teams 5 & 6 are on individual islands of their own, there is more to defend with less to use, should create more of a battle for them as they tend to have more beachfront that will allow for invasions.
This map generates the very scenarios for naval wars with the islands being cliffs with multiple beaches for landing forces to invade.

Buildings on Map:
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airport
Tech Machine Shop

Notes Interest:
Nighthawk Helicopter is a CrateGoodie
Allied Landing Craft is a CrateGoodie
Soviet Landing Craft is a CrateGoodie
Yuri Landing Craft is a CrateGoodie


Boggle04_s San Carlos Islands Battle.jpg

Boggle04's San Carlos Islands Battle.map

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