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Boggle04's The Wilds Day of The Transformers


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Boggle04's The Wilds Day of The Transformers

2 to 6
Game Modes:
Standard, Navalwar, Airwar, Teamgame
Money On Map:
Map Size:

Ideal map to play a FFA, Teams Play has distance between the teams.
This map Has a Mountainous/Island terrain,  there are wooden bridges crossing the water should be no problem, This map is balanced with Gold Ore at each base, There will be pockets of Gold Tiberiam growing around the map as you explore and navigate the map


Buildings on Map:
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airports
Tech Machine Shops
Tech Power Plants
Tech Secret Lab
American Air Force Command
Misc Bunkers and civilian Buildings

Notes Interest:
In this version of "Day of The Transformers You will be able to build Base Defenses from your War Factories.

Nighthawk Helicopter is a CrateGoodie



Boggle04's The Wilds Day of The Transformers.map

Boggle04_s The Wilds Day of The Transformers.jpg

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