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Tiberian sun fixing animations without changing all my ini file mods


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Hi there.


New to the forum and first time poster but long term cnc fanatic from day 1.

Recently downloaded the first 3 games from this great site and have added several bits to the ini files like enabling sandbags and allowing them to link up, spotlight alarm tower etc. I want to maybe fix the building animations such as the nod war factory lights and civilian array graphics etc but all patches I've seen seem to overhaul the ini files and I fear my mods will be wiped out.


So my question really is, is there a way to fix just the animations with a patch and not lose my changes? I saw on one persons video he was able to build the firestorm units on original tiberian sun after downloading a patch which fixed the animations and more, and I like to keep the game true to the original for the most part.


Bit of a noob with this modding so apologies if this is a daft question.



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