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Boggle04's Mt. King Feuds


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Boggle04's Mt. King Feuds

Game Modes:
Standard, Meatgrind, Nukewar, Airwar, Megawealth, Teamgame
Map Size W x H:
Money on Map:

Map Game Set Ups:
FFA would set 3 separate battles Teams (1vs2)(3vs4)(5vs6) before the winner of these matches would engage the other teams.
2 vs 2 vs 2 would set Teams (1 & 2) vs (3 & 4) vs (5 & 6)
3 vs 3 would set (1-3-4) vs (2-5-6)
These should make for good battles & wars

The battles take place in very mountainous terrain, with bases on top of the mountains overlooking a massive valley full of Gems.
To get to the gems you will have to leave your base unattended unless you can send enough units to defend your miners.
There are not many places to build outside your base and the ridges surrounding the base.
Air Power will be a priority here so be sure to defend the skies.

Buildings on map:
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airports
Tech Machine Shops
Tech Secret Lab

Special Interest Notes:
Nighthawk Helicopter is Crate Goodie & Loaded with Crate
White Trucks are loaded with Crates


Boggle04's Mt. King Feuds.jpg

Boggle04's Mt. King Feuds.map

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