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City of Gold - BCRaveD Reborn


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City of Gold - BCRaveD  Reborn

Players: 2-6  Team Play 3 x 3
Size: 110 x 110
Money: 346,125
Game Modes: Standard, Meatgrind, Cooperative, Teamgame
Edited By: Ndesguise
All I did was remake the Cliffs, Bridges, Shore Lines, and change to Gold Ore from Gems.
The cliffs, ramps, bridges & Shore were not all properly aligned showed several errors in the finished map also made it hard to enter some buildings. Several locations made it either hard/impossinle to harvest Gold. With the edits someone had previously done with adding or changing to Gems the map held over 2 million, by changing to gold should make a little more competitive.

Good Luck All

Remake of an old map.
City of Gold - BCRaveD

Buildings on map:
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airport
Tech Machine Shop
Tech Civilian Hospital
Tech Secret Labs
Tech Power Plants
Civilian Structures

Notes of Interest:
NightHawk Helicopter is a Crate Goodie

City of Gold - BCRaveD  Reborn.jpg

City of Gold - BCRaveD Reborn.map

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