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4 Horseman Reborn


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4 Horseman Reborn

Players: 2-4
Size: 100 x 80
Money: 2,394,350
Game Modes: Standard, Megawealth, Teamgame
Edited By: Ndesguise

Remake of an old map.

The only edits I made were to repair the cliffs that were hacked up, and I changed the ramps from a 2 cell ramp to 5 cells. This gives you a chance to get up and down ramps a little more fairly. I also did away with the depressions located at the real of the bases, as I saw no reason to be there.
This map is just loaded with ini edits I can't even post them, without just copying the code Then a lot wouldn't understand it anyways.
I will give you this the Allied MCV has a speed of 20, while the Soviet & Yuri Mcv still move at about 4 as the game rules states, so the allied unit will move a lot faster to get you out to the Gems.
I tppk out the build options for shipyards as they are not needed in this map.

Notes of Interest:
Bases 1&4 have a small amount of gems on them, Bases 2&3 have not got a single gem, Base 3 also has the farthest distance to move for Gems think about that MCV speed now.
Build Speed Modifier=0.001
Refund Percent is 1000000% So sale something.


4 Horseman Reborn.jpg

4 Horseman Reborn.map

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