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Commander's Bans


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Hello RA community,

I know by now many people are aware of the issues and problems Commander has been causing around the Red Alert community.  I have received an outpouring of PM's from players regarding different types of shady activity from him, not just in ladder games, but in other 2v2 pro games, and we feel it is important to shed light on the situation so that everyone can know the truth.  A few days ago Commander messaged the CNCnet Admins about me abusing power as an admin.  He was complaining about his 2 separate 3 day bans that he received in recent weeks.  I spoke with a few others about the findings after looking into this accounts and they felt it would be important to share with the community so here it is.

This is the response from Dkeeton in italics to Commander after Commander claimed that others were disconnecting on him and he was the poor victim in this whole thing:

I just randomly picked some of you accounts to see how many disconnections.

(keep in mind, we can tell which disconnected)



You disconnected on every single loss on this account



It seems you have a reputation. But I don't know anything about your reputation. What I can see is the way that you've minimized your own behavior in the ladder, leads me to distrust everything else you've said.


Commander, it's very simple, I am surprised you cannot wrap your mind around this by now.  You were banned the first time from CNCnet for disconnecting over and over again, and the ladder admins receiving PM from many different players with complaints about your ladder names disconnecting every game.

In your post you say, ---Fact is, Robskate banned me for no legit reason from ladder login (which I may partially understand) AND from cncnet as well, which has nothing to do with the ladder issue.

So I banned you for no legit reason?  But you partially understand it?  Well of course you understand it, and it is a very legit reason.  And to explain this once more, since you seem so very dense.  If I would have banned 1 or 2 of your ladder names, nothing is to prevent you from making more and more nicknames and continuing to play on and disconnect on people, so I solved the problem, and you have already admitted to Funky that you had done wrong, and that you accepted the first three day ban.  

You were banned the second time (on your very first day back from the previous ban) for using the name ADMIN on Cncnet and telling people in the lobby that you were going to ban them.  You cannot impersonate other players, and you certainly cannot impersonate or pretend to be an admin.  It states this clearly when you logon to CNC.  And then in your YouTube video comments, you admit that you can understand being banned for 30 minutes or so for pretending to be an ADMIN, but that you didn't accept another 3 day ban.  Well I have news for you Commander, people who break rules in life have consequences, and they do not decide their own punishment.  It doesn't matter if you accept it or not.  Do you think a murderer who just received a life sentence tells the judge, "NO! I don't accept this! Give me a 30 day jail sentence instead."  Get real man.  You were in the wrong and you got a justified ban for it.  Both times.  

And by the way, regarding my language toward you.  I think anyone would have bad language toward someone posting lies and trying to tarnish their name and reputation in the community and I told you what I had to say as a player to another player spreading lies about me.  Every person I spoke with about this mentioned to me that they would have been much angrier than I was about this whole thing.   I have never abused my power as an admin, and never will.  So you want me banned for what reason again?  What have I done wrong?  Absolutely nothing.  

I would also ask to close this post that if any other player has ever had a bad experience or positive experience with me as an Admin, or during ladder matches to please reply in the comments below.  Also, I would like to know any other instances of negative behavior from Commander.  

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I've experienced only positive things from Robskate. When you join and start climbing the ladder he's the end boss waiting at the top. When I personally started the ladder I momentarily hid and do believe if people want to hide that's fine. I however don't agree in purposely disconnecting games. The ladder provides a alternate way for players to reconnect with a game they can enjoy occasionally or profusely. Knowingly hindering that enjoyment for players by disconnecting is not a good thing. I think Commander was wrong for doing this. I enjoy playing with Commander & have learned much from his earlier youtube videos and appreciate him for that. Me myself I make mistakes all the time in life and I've learned owning up to my actions goes further than exaggerating a situation. Commander can continue to go about this however he wants. My suggestion is that... If you truly enjoy red alert don't draw a line in the sand and cause separation. Simply don't knowingly disconnect and move on.

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