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Onimod Land - an oldschool freeware RTS


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Onimod Land is a rather unusual RTS game that looks part Age of Empires and part Starcraft, made by Alexey Sedoff, a developer from Russia. While the game mechanics resemble the two classic titles listed above, the game has quite a few unusual concepts. First off, the two opposing factions are drastically different: you have high-tech futuristic space-faring Onimods against the tribal, magic-wielding Botsvana. Secondly, the sides are not only different in their design, but in playing styles as well; specifically, playing as the Onimods, you can choose one of the three mutually exclusive ways of development, each of which gives access to unique units and strategies. Another important feature of the game is its advanced AI that ensures both smart behaviour of units under the player's control and challenging computer opponents.


Onimod Land was initially a commercial project, but recently Alexey Sedoff has released it for free, as his contract with the publishers has expired and they no longer sell the game. The English version is not yet available, but here's a link to the Russian version (the language can be changed in the settings, although, of course, a version with English as the default language would be more preferable):



Hopefully Alexey will bring up the full English version soon :)


On the other hand, archive.org has preserved the old international official site of the game intact:

Onimod Land Official Website (archive)


Even the downloads are still functional, but only in the form of a part-by-part download:

Download Onimod Land Trial Version (archive)


Note that the trial version has some restrictions, most notably the absence of the save/load fature, but it gives a good idea of what the game looks like.


Here are some screenshots from the game:

07t200x150.jpg 01t200x150.jpg 02t200x150.jpg 03t200x150.jpg 04t200x150.jpg 05t200x150.jpg 06t200x150.jpg

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Just check out the trial version I linked to above (at archive.org), it's in English, and hopefully the full English version will be up sometime soon.


The game really does feel a lot like Starcraft as Terrans if you play the Onimods, and Age of Empires if you've picked the Botsvana.

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